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Formulator Express

● Type-safe description of the software, XML-based parser and syntax;
● Extensible for XML (xmltag.h and xmltags.h) and MathML (MathML 3, MathML 4) version 1.0 with 814 distinct tags and 27 attributes;
● Highly readable syntax highlighting;
● MathStudio-like Diff mode to compare two fragments of MathML: bibtex, e-mail, Word, PDF/Postscript/LaTeX/custom;
● Support for custom diff keybindings with Guile Scheme key bindings;
● Supporting various MathML mathextypes, including abbreviated forms and color support;
● Refactoring of the mathematics formula editor;
● Including the Formulator MathML Weaver Full version;
● Including the Formulator MathML Weaver Add-on: Completely redesigned product with expanded mathematics formula editor and more;
● Includes support for an Accessibility Mode.
Below is a list of the major improvements introduced in Formulator Express over Formulator MathML Weaver:
● Mathematical expressions can be imported and exported as MathML 3, MathML 4 or as standalone XML-formatted text files;
● Supports full MathML 3, MathML 4 document presentation modes: all, labeled and spatial;
● Supports Unicode characters, MathML Math Special characters and Unicode Math Special characters;
● Supports user-defined renderer with some predefined predefined renderers such as TeXmacs, Open Office Math or other. The rendering engine is user-independent and the user can define the fonts, font sizes and colors;
● Supports MathML’s color notation;
● Allows to display expressions either in colors, on labels or in a black-and-white page;
● Allows to set a formatter for expressions;
● Allows to include external references;
● Allows to insert images in the main page;
● Allows to switch to a greater document font;
● Allows to switch to a smaller document font;
● Allows to dynamically change the default font size;
● Allows to change document background color;
● Allows to set an image background color;
● Allows to change page background color.
Furthermore, there is a new complex formula editor with the following major improvements:
● Supports formula text rendering based on TeXmacs font;
● Allows to add subscripts;
● Allows to change font sizes of superscripts, subscripts and using TeX

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Formulator Express Crack is a freeware mathematical expressions editor that provides a rich functionality both for editing mathematics and for authoring MathML 2.0
[protected] Limitations:
Formulator Express is free mathematical expressions editor that provides a rich functionality both for editing mathematics and for authoring MathML 2.0. However, it only provide basic mathematical object manipulation functions. For advanced functions, please refer to the Formulator MathML Weaver.
In this sense, the Freeware version of Formulator Express is actually a stripped down version of the Full version of Formulator MathML Weaver.
[protected] Formatting and Presenting Features:
Formulator Express has many features that allow the drafting of formatted math and the editing of objects in a rich and flexible environment. The features include:
— line break insertion
— font size and color changes
— the topology of the objects including the numbering of equations and the line breaking before and after equations
— move and copy of objects
— line and paragraph editing
— most common markup tags and attributes including MathML objects
— many tools for performing common mathematical object manipulations including change of units, addition and subtraction of objects, redrawing of formulas, and make up of and comparison of formulas
Presenting Modes:
MathML: Formulator Express can produce MathML 1.0 and MathML 2.0 markup. When you export to MathML 1.0, the numbering is preserved. The exact representation of mathematical objects is still an open question, however. If Formulator Express fails to import objects from another MathML 1.0 or 2.0 authoring tool, then the problem can only be solved by using OpenMath.
MathML 2.0: By exporting to MathML 2.0, the numbering and positioning of the objects are preserved. Unfortunately, a few objects can be broken when MathML 2.0 objects are imported to MathML 1.0.
Presentation Modes:
Formulator Express has flexible options for automatic or manual presentation of equations in a browser window. The equation presentation modes that are available include:
— presentation of equations in same window
— presentation of equations in separate windows
— presentation of equations in popup windows
The presentation mode of an object can be selected directly from the object’s properties dialog, for example, when the object is moved.
Saving and Loading an Expression:
When you edit an expression in a document, the expression can be saved and loaded. If you

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Main Language Version:

Produced Documents:

Supplementary Tools:

Mathematical Formula Editor:

MathML Weaver:


1 Mathematic formula

1.1 Mathematical formula structure:

A mathematical expression is a sequence of symbols, each one having a special meaning. Formulator Express implements also operations on mathematical expressions and other important mathematical objects.
Formulator Express does not include an XML document processor, but you can edit XML files which have been exported from Formulator Express using any XML editor.

Two kinds of symbols are used in mathematical expressions:

Operations symbols: each one is applied to the right-hand side of an operand.

Variables: each one is an algebraic symbol that is looked up in a local variable table. These symbols can be global variables, local variables, or free variables.

Operands: each one is a symbol that is either a real number or a variable. If a symbol is a number, it may have an independent value for each variable.

Symbols with independent values: if a symbol is an independent number, it can have a different value for each independent variable.

Symbols with locally dependent values: if a symbol is locally dependent, there is an independent number that has a different value for each independent variable in a given expression.

Arithmetic symbols: those that have a numerical value. For example, symbols ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘*’, ‘/’ represent arithmetic operators. Others include ‘$’, ‘^’, ‘(‘, ‘)’ and ‘;’.

A word made of letters or combinations of letters is a variable. A word is a symbol if it is an operand, an operation symbol, or a variable. An operand is a real number or an alphabetic character. A variable is a word, if it is a variable or an operation symbol.

A mathematical expression is a sequence of variables and of operations or another kind of symbols, each one having a special meaning. Expressions can be operands, operations, etc.

Formal notation expressions are called precisely expressions. A variable is either an operand or an operation symbol, and an operand is either a real number or a variable. A mathematical expression is a sequence of operands, operations, and variables.






What’s New in the?

Version 2.0 is released.

Formulator Express 1.0

Version 1.0 of Formulator Express was released on 12 June, 2003.

The source code of Formulator Express is available for free download at

The web site contains info and documentation about Formulator Express.

Homepage of Formulator Express:

A brief description of Formulator Express can be found at

A detailed documentation of Formulator Express is available at

A document describing the math styles in Formulator Express is available at

The math styles of Formulator Express can be set in the Styles dialog of the Main panel. The math styles can be used in multiple MathML document types.

Another document describing the contents of the MathJax module of Formulator Express is available at

Version 2.0 can be upgraded from previous versions to version 2.0 using the upgrade wizard of Formulator Express.

Use Formulator Express from Formulator MathML Weaver

You can use Formulator Express from Formulator MathML Weaver.

Formulator Express is used for the purpose of editing mathematical expressions.

Formulator Express supports the forms of mathematical expressions (sum, product, quotient, factorial, fraction, exponential, binomial, polynomial, trigonometric, cosine, sine, radical, inverse, logarithm, root, squaring, cube, etc.).

Formulator Express can be used both as a free MathML Editor and as an editor for MathML documents.

Formulator Express provides all necessary tools to edit mathematics and MathML documents. By default, all the text is converted to the TeX, Knuth-LaTeX and/or MathML types of the language you use, and you are able to convert the text back to any type of mathematical expression.

Formulator Express uses the


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual Core
2.2 GHz Dual Core RAM: 2 GB
2 GB HDD: 50 GB
50 GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Intel HD Graphics 4000 DirectX: 11
11 Network: Broadband Internet connection
Broadband Internet connection Resolution: 1024 x 768
1024 x 768 Language: English
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