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Category:Software companies of BelarusI am making a minor change to my plants for my germanium solar system so it will include an old tub and cylinder steel plant with an air compressor. The switch was simple to make and it will be done in as much of a hurry as I can muster. It will be hard to stop.

I have finally made the call about what to do with my above ground pool that had been sitting dormant for over a year. I am going to leave it up and let it freeze over. There is a bit of a crap shoot about what will happen to it this winter. If it freezes hard it will have a chance to thaw out and re-spring a month or so from now. The other option is to have the pool filled in with crushed stone. This will prevent freezing and killing off the small animals. It also will prevent the pool from freezing in the next winter. There is also a chance that I will let the pool thaw completely, rake it up, and then take the old tires off and use them as a wheelbarrow for removing the rubble and grading the ground next spring.

It is still freezing outside, but I am hearing that it is going to be a slow thaw. So I can’t go on to any sort of wood shop, but I can go on to my driveway and start loading and unloading stuff.

I did make another solar. It is now built, painted and wired. The power supply came on so I could verify it. It works, but I still have to hook it up to the batteries. I haven’t yet figured out a good location. The deck has a definite location to go into. But the basement has the two light switches in my workshop, and the basement is my workshop.

I am working on it, but my electric razor is unplugged. I am not going to let this cold weather stop me.

Well, since I got another e-mail, I am going to work on the solar for a few more days. I need a switch that will operate the electrical razor. I guess I will just have to learn to do it without the razor for a few days.

I was able to get the solar hooked up. I am still working on the electrical switch.

Tuesday morning, I started working on the solar.


.User Data Manager Standard for Windows NT.OPANDA PowerExif 1.2 Standard.System Mechanic Pro Standard v6.0q.Back4winxp Kg.TODAY’S CASUALTY: VALENTINE’S DAY MUTABILITY DISPUTE

«It’s our prerogative to protect our children. We have to make that decision. It’s a tough one.»-Brian McKay

The wife and I had a discussion the other day, about Valentine’s Day. She, having a recent bout with MS, was not in the mood to be reminded of the ill-fated holiday. So we did what she would have wanted: We waited until her health was improving.

It didn’t take long for her to take a turn for the worse, and she was rushed to the hospital. Now she is in full-blown recovery mode, and she wants nothing to do with the holiday.

The husband is torn. He loves Valentine’s Day. He is like many men who would rather eat an elephant in one sitting than go to a restaurant alone.

His response to all my pleadings for a Valentine’s Day date was, «Oh, I’m just not up for it.»

The truth is, he doesn’t want to go alone. I find that hard to believe. He is a people person, and knows how to please a woman.

I am being selfish. I want him to ask me to go with him. Maybe I’ll get my way. Who knows? I know a few things: He likes chocolate. He’ll have no trouble finding me some.

When I was a child, and my mother was in the hospital recovering from a painful operation, my father and I would always sneak out for a big, late-night, “fun” Valentine’s dinner. They had a rare day off. We were going to be alone.

But my father, also a people person, wasn’t going to be doing the asking. He had a dinner to prepare for their friends and neighbors. My mother was still on pain medication, and her constant pain was beginning to wear on him.

It wasn’t until my grandmother died that my father asked me to go out with him. I didn’t have to think twice. We went to dinner, and to an ice cream parlor. We stayed out until the bitter end,