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— A fast paced, chugging, alternating bass note pulse is generated.
— Low frequency harmonics are slowly but irregularly emphasized over the entire duration of the program’s input audio signal.
— While the low frequency harmonics are emphasized, the higher frequency harmonics are progressively de-emphasized as the program’s input audio signal plays.

Euphonic Bass Pulses: The built-in high speed oscillator generates rhythmic pulses by gradually and continuously ramping up and down on the input signal. This creates a rhythmic accent of irregular pulses, which can be used in the creation of rhythmic bass effects.
High Frequency Harmonic Deemphasis: The high speed LFO slowly emphasizes and de-emphasizes the frequency range above the oscillator’s frequency range. This technique simulates the way guitarists accentuate and de-emphasize chords by slowly gliding over the notes.

Euphonic Bass Pulses

Euphonic Bass Pulses can be used to create effects like the warm and tight bass sounds used in rock ‘n’ roll, heavy metal, and psychedelic rock. They can also be used to simulate the effect of recorded instruments like the bass pedals of a bass guitar.

High Frequency Harmonic Deemphasis

Euphonic Bass Pulses

High Frequency Harmonic Deemphasis can be used to simulate the guitar playing technique of gliding over the notes, accentuating single notes in a chord. This technique can also be used to generate rhythmic effects when applied to the low frequency oscillator.

Transcription of Control Parameters

Each of the two oscillators has two control parameters which can be controlled by the user’s mouse and/or keyboard.

Oscillator / Filter Control

This function allows you to control the oscillator’s frequency range, the amplitude, and the amplitude modulation (AM). The first two parameters can also be controlled by the touch pad / joystick. The touch pad’s position determines the amplitude. In contrast, the joystick moves the oscillator’s AM envelope’s position.

Scale Length / Low Frequency Oscillator

The knob determines the length of time the LFO is active for. The knob’s position determines the length. The LFO is deactivated once the oscillator starts or stops playing.

Note: the FAP can be configured to modify the LFO eea19f52d2


TkDiff is a simple and easy to use comparison tool that can compare any text files. It supports plain text documents (TXT format) and the TCL type. The program is wrapped in a regular interface with a plain layout, where you can select the two files to compare via the file browser («drag and drop» is unsupported).
The app is wrapped in a regular interface with a plain layout, where you can select the two files to compare via the file browser («drag and drop» is unsupported).
Results are shown in a dual-pane window, where you can clearly observe the differences between the file contents in blue, since TkDiff supports syntax highlighting.
You can show line numbers, ignore white spaces, synchronize scrollbars, as well as go the first, last, previous or next difference, as well as write a merge file, or use a search function when dealing with large amounts of data.
TkDiff barely uses CPU and system memory, so it doesn’t interfere with the runtime of other active processes. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests and the app did not hang or crash. There is also a help file available.True Tales of the Cryptocurrency Revolution

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