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X-FileBot is a comprehensive and intuitive application designed to help manage records and folders from your PC, rename multiple records at the same time, as well as view and save episode lists and download subtitles.
Well-organized and accessible interface
Since the program doesn’t need any prior installation, it can be carried on external drives and run on any computer. It’s advisable to have Java present on the PC as it’s required to properly work.
The provided layout is modern and easy-to-use that comes with six distinct functions positioned in a toolbar on the left side of the panel. Plus, the app can be used even by those less experienced in handling management tools.
Rename numerous records at the same time
You have the option to create lists based on custom patterns, which, unfortunately, are not explained to understand what their purpose is. In the lists, you can add plain and rich text documents or images, which are saved and bundled into a single TXT file. It’s possible to rename numerous records with just a few clicks.
Fetch details on your favorite shows and download subtitles
What’s more, you can search for a specific TV show using The TVDB, AniDB, and TVRage as search engines to fetch the information for you. All you have to do is type the name of the show, and the episodes are loaded into a separate tab. The list can be exported to a TXT record.
The same process is applied for the subtitles as well, only here it’s advisable to select the proper language from the drop-down menu. For the subtitles, the app uses Subscene and OpenSubtitle as engines. This is a fast and simple method to download your subtitles for the shows you’re watching.
Create SFV items using other files
Last but not least, it’s possible to save items to SFV, MD5, SHA-1, and ED2K formats directly on your computer, without too much effort. Even though the provided options are simple to use, a help file would’ve been a nice addition to understand the purpose of each feature easily.
on an ending note
Taking everything into account, X-FileBot is a reliable and useful program that comes packed with handy functions, like file lists, rename and analyze option, as well as episode and subtitles downloader.Multimedia data like images, videos, audio and the like (collectively referred to as multimedia content) are frequently handled by digital data processing systems. As a result eea19f52d2


The unique and powerful combination of Air Messenger Mobile and the Air Messenger PC Server allows you to use one application to send messages from your PC to your wireless devices. Messages can be delivered to mobile devices, Pagers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Laptops and cellular phones. Also, messages can be sent to more than one device. Both SNPP and WCTP support can be used.
Air Messenger Mobile Features:
■ SNPP support (Text messaging (Msg and Dmsg))
■ Advanced SNPP Sending Options (Response and Del)
■ WCTP Support (Text messaging (Msg and Dmsg))
■ Advanced WCTP Sending Options (Response and Del)
■ ETAP Support For Use With Short Messaging Services (Text messaging (Msg and Dmsg))
■ ETAP Delivery Confirmation
■ ETAP Query, Update, Delete Requests
■ ETAP Deferred Messaging
■ E-Mail Paging (MX, Windows Messaging and SMTP)
■ Delivery Redundancy Option
■ RAS Dialer Support
■ Uses Windows Modem Drivers For Easy Setup
■ Multiple User/Groups Lists
■ Shared User/Group Lists
■ Build Groups On The Fly
■ Send Message From The Command Line
■ Queue Messages For Delayed Delivery
■ Schedule Messages For Event Notifications
■ Signature Line Support
■ Multiple Dialing Location Supported
■ Delivery Log
■ Report Generator
■ DDE Support
■ Send Message From The Command Line
■ Delivery to Wireless Devices
■ Send Message To The Command Line
■ Group List
■ Multiple Paging Company Support
■ Save Common Used Messages
■ Queue Messages For Delayed Delivery
■ Schedule Messages For Event Notifications
■ Multiple User Groups List
■ Delivery to Cellular Phones
■ Delivery to Pagers
■ Delivery to Laptops
■ Delivery to PDAs
■ Save Common Used Messages
■ Queue Messages For Delayed Delivery
■ Multiple Paging Company Support
■ Delivery to Cellular Phones
■ Delivery to Pagers