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KEYMACRO has been in development for 4 years.
While it is often recommended to use RSA keys, it has been suggested to also use AES key MACs. (The AES Macs that are out there are really bad.) And since some of the Java Web applications now need to handle sensitive data, such as credit card information, I think it’s time to get a good Mac.

You may also want to consider:
— OpenSAML (see
— spnego (see
— dotNetRSA (see
— Jetty (see
KEYMACRO is a pure C# implementation of the Java Security Provider interface and key algorithm specification RFC 3030, RFC 3031, RFC 3032, RFC 3033, RFC 3034, RFC 3035 and RFC 3036.
This implementation allows Java 1.4 and 1.5 to use it. There is no change to Java 1.3 code to use KEYMACRO.
KEYMACRO has been proven to be:
— backwards compatible
— CPU and Memory Light Weight
— Multi Threading safe
— Easy to Debug
— Easy to use
— Runtime Speed
— Secure
KEYMACRO supports the following implementations:
* spnego (does not support NTLMv2)
KEYMACRO supports the following key and algorithm types:
* ByteString
* Password
* PrivateKey
* PublicKey
KEYMACRO supports the following key and algorithm types:
* RSA (RFC 3031)
* DSA (RFC 3031)
* ECDSA (RFC 3031)
* ElGamal (RFC 3031)
* ECDH (RFC 3031)
* ElGamal (RFC 3031)
* PKCS8 (RFC 3031)
* PrivateECDSAPKCS1v1_5 (RFC 3031)
* DSA-PSS (RFC 3032)
* X962 (RFC 30 d82f892c90

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