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■ Macro will automatically load the live stock data and apply it to any selected range of cells in the workbook.
■ Macro will continuously monitor a pre-defined cell range for any change in the data.
■ Any cell change (including cell format) is immediately reflected on the cells in the same row.
■ User can create visual alerts that can highlight events of interests without any manual intervention steps. This can be accomplished through extensive Macro capability of Excel.
■ This macro will support both FORMULA and R1C1 cell reference formats.
■ Macro will support both single and double row (or row range) selection.
■ Macro can display messages, letters, counters etc.
■ Macro will automatically move itselft to the appropriate area in the bottom right corner of the spreadsheet.
Macro may be run manually or automatically.
■ Auto run may be configured via:
■ Macro Menu
■ Alt + S keystroke
■ TAB keystroke
■ Shift + TAB keystroke
■ Double click in the area of the spreadsheet.
Macro may also be exported to an Excel.xlsm file.
■ Unzip the zip file in your C:\ drive and rename it to “ETIKR_INSTALL.EXE”.
■ Double click “ETIKR_INSTALL.EXE” to install the package.
■ Run ETIKR_INSTALL.EXE once the installation is complete.
■ Save the macro files (.xlsm) that were created during the install to a temporary location.
■ Go to File — Options — Options — Save — Save… (Tab) — browse and locate the temp location.
■ Select the macros and click OK.
■ Run “START ETIKR.EXE” and the macro “START_ETIKR.xlsm” will open in Excel.
Additional key characteristics of the package:
■ Running the macros file will not display the new windows pop-up message box.
■ The same macros file may be run multiple times to reflect new data in the workbook.
■ Worksheets and rows in the workbook may be hidden before running the macros d82f892c90

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This keymacro is used to create a background in a Microsoft Win32 application.
This is the name of the background application.
This is the title of the background application.
This is the Command Line arguments of the background application.
This is the image to be used as the background of the app.
This is the path to the image.


I don’t see the relevance of winpingu as an answer to a question that’s about wp.
In your case the answer is simple, a ping command is a command-line utility in Unix and Linux system and it doesn’t make much sense in Windows (and even not in a Windows app).

In Windows you have the ping command in the command prompt which doesn’t produce the output you might be looking for
If you want to ping (with a nice GUI) you can try Cygwin or Cygwin-X11

But from a program design perspective winpingu is not an ideal choice for your problem:

This will not work with Windows apps, the syntax is a little bit different.
It uses a control command but the concept is still the same (I think, because you have to send a control command to a window and so there’s some UI-ish behaviour included)
If you use the internal command line API then there is a more appropriate command line in the Microsoft Libraries for Windows: WNet\Ping

To answer your question, your best option is probably Cygwin-X11 or another external GUI.

1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a vertical roller mill for processing a material to be milled, such as a coal, a petroleum slag or the like. More particularly, it relates to a vertical roller mill having a mechanism for extracting an upper portion of a material to be milled and dropping the extracted upper portion to a lower portion of the mill as a classifier.
2. Description of the Prior Art
In a conventional vertical roller mill, the material to be milled, such as a coal or the like, is dropped from a material inlet to the lower portion of the mill, and moved by rotation of the rollers upwardly to a rolling chamber. The rollers are inclined in the rolling chamber and they rotate to roll the material while a grinding chamber is filled up with the material. The material is ground and milled by rotation of the rollers to be discharged from the rolling chamber as a m