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PowerMenu is a Windows Transparency tool that installs a stylish icon in the System Tray and provides a handful of other tools, among them ones that manage process priority, add transparency to selected windows and minimize windows to tray.
This software is compatible with all major versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
In case you don’t feel like opening the program, you will be pleased to know it’s very easy to use.
To start working with PowerMenu, you simply need to click the tray icon, which is located at the top level of the Windows menu and you can proceed as follows:
From the drop-down menu on the top left of the screen, choose the level of transparency you want to set.
When you’re done, simply click on «OK» and you will be presented with the new options, among which you can now set windows priority.
Next to set window priority, you can also add transparency to selected windows, just by clicking on the tray icon.
Now, since the window isn’t minimized to tray, it’s possible to view it in the lower left corner of the screen, making it easy to access.
To set the window to remain always on top, click on the Options button, then choose Always On Top.
Once you’re done setting the app, simply click on «Exit» and the window will be closed.
When you’re done with PowerMenu, you can simply right click on the tray icon and click on Exit.
POWERMENU Alternatives:
PowerMenu is a nifty software tool, that may very well deserve a try.
There are actually other alternatives out there, and most of them are often better than PowerMenu for Windows.
In order to make this easier for you, we did a quick comparison of the aforementioned application and some others that may have interested you, below.
We’re still testing the software, but if you were interested in checking them out, you can simply check out these apps below and go from there.
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· Allow you to put macros in the clipboard with one single hotkey.
· Insert your macro text at the cursor position.
· A variety of new hotkeys and functions.
· New hotkey keys:
— Hotkeys can be set to specific windows and applications.
— You can now copy, paste, and cut from arbitrary applications.
· Added:
— This application can be directly accessed from Windows Control Panel.
— You can see in the Control Panel if the key already exists or not.
· Improved:
— Integration with Windows 2000 and XP
— Improvements for stability and speed.
· Fixed:
— Invalid value in custom hotkeys.
— Work on Windows 2000.
— Hotkeys not applied on some Windows.
— Application crash at first start.
· Minor:
— New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+0 to 0, Ctrl+Shift+U to U, etc.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Enter to Enter, Ctrl+Shift+Shift+Enter to Shift Enter, etc.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+C, Ctrl+Shift+V.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Enter, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Backspace, Ctrl+Shift+Del.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Arrows to Move Cursor, Ctrl+Shift+Arrows to Move Screen, etc.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Down, Ctrl+Shift+Left, Ctrl+Shift+Right.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Left, Ctrl+Shift+Right, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Down.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Arrows to Move Cursor, Ctrl+Shift+Arrows to Move Screen, etc.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Down, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Left, Ctrl+Shift+Right.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Down, Ctrl+Shift+Left, Ctrl+Shift+Right.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+Home, Ctrl+Shift+End, Ctrl+Shift+Page Up, Ctrl+Shift+Page Down.
· New Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+