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Bforartists has a huge feature set that gives you a vast set of tools to create professional, top-quality graphics. It has all the same tools as Blender, but adds many new tools like UV Paint, CGiUV, Structural Lattice, and its own high-end render engine.
Bforartists comes with many advanced tools:
• Curves: Curves allow you to create any kind of lighting and ambient occlusion effect in your scenes.
• UV Paint: Bforartists comes with a revolutionary and unique UV Paint Tool, that makes it easy to create clean 3D UVs for your models.
• CGiUV: An easy to use face UV node that allows you to map any face of your object on any location of the UV map, so that you can customize your UV maps in a very easy and clean way.
• Texture Edit: Bforartists comes with a texture node that allows you to map any texture to any part of the UV map.
• Ray Nodes: Bforartists comes with a wide set of ray nodes that allow you to work with light rays in a very smart way, and create interesting lighting effects in a clean way.
• Procedural Materials: Bforartists comes with a procedural material node that allows you to create a procedural material, which you can use as any other regular material.
• Structural Lattice: Allows you to create a second UV map for use as a lattice map, which allows you to easily subdivide a model.
• Nested UVs: Allows you to create a vertex group that will subdivide the geometry based on any number of UV maps.
• Hints: Allows you to build any kind of effects in your scene that will be dynamically updated every frame.
• Object Tracking: Allows you to track the position of any object in your scene, and to get an automatic update of its orientation every frame.
• Animator: Allows you to animate the rotation of any object in your scene.
• Kinematics: Allows you to create any kind of kinematics that you want, and use it as a local axis for the rotation of an object.
• Non-Linear Animation: Allows you to animate any kind of objects and their rotation based on a non-linear curve, which will dynamically animate based on whatever input you give.
• Motion Map Node: Allows you to animate the mapping of a texture to a vertex group 384a16bd22

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Creating an affordable all-in-one solution for the home-based video editor, KeyMacro allows you to combine the power of a video editor and a DVD authoring tool. It also allows you to create your own DVD menus, to customize video chapters, and to produce AVI files of your favorite movies. KeyMacro allows you to convert H.264 videos, edit them as you please and then burn the results to a DVD, a video CD or to a VCD.
Benefits of KeyMacro
KeyMacro allows you to:
Save your favorite video files as.avi files, which can be played back with Windows Media Player

KeyMacro includes 3 video editors:
Video Editor
The Video Editor function of KeyMacro allows you to combine and edit videos of many different types and codecs (DivX, Xvid, Avi, etc.) in a very fast and professional way. You can use the video editor to trim videos, add, delete or move video clips, add subtitles and add frames and text to the videos. You can also add special effects to your videos, such as special transition effects and instant replays.
You can combine two video files, add a new one, or delete some video clips
You can combine videos from different formats (avi, wmv, mpeg, etc.) into one file or combine multiple files into one file
You can add new video files as chapters to your project
You can add a new video in any video editor, so that you can use the Video Editor as the video’s chapter
You can use the video editor to trim your video to the length you want.
You can add a logo to your video, so that you can place the video to your DVD’s menu and DVD chapter.
You can add a new image to the video, so that you can add a new picture to the DVD’s main menu, DVD chapter menu and DVD’s menu
You can add a new image to the video, so that you can add an instant replay video in your DVD video.
You can add text to the video, so that you can add the name of your DVD and DVD chapter
You can add a tag to your video, so that you can search your file by tag
You can add a tag to your video, so that you can add a directory to your DVD