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An all-in-one utility to help you encrypt and decrypt files.
GPL, which means the same as the GNU GPL.

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The number of unauthorized (or illegally obtained) copies of Microsoft Office has reached an all-time high.
According to a new report from NPD, Microsoft Office is the most pirated software product, accounting for 60 percent of all copies of pirated software sold in the US.

The number of illegal downloads of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ has surpassed the number of ‘Titanic’ downloads on the Internet.

Copyright strikes again: The world’s top five most-downloaded movies of all time have been released by Warner Bros., Disney, and others, and it is the five-year anniversary of the release of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.’

The BitTorrent site ToTheBit is down. The admin confirms that the server that hosted the site has been seized by US authorities. The site was shut down as part of an investigation into piracy on the Internet.

Pirate Bay is the most famous and popular BitTorrent tracker that was hosted on the Dutch servers of Invidi.org. The police seized the servers, and the site is offline since.

Marko Ristijak, a known publisher of pirated movies and software, was arrested in Serbia, and he was suspected of piracy and money laundering. He was sentenced to two years in prison, and he also received a ban of two years from publishing copyrighted works.

“My main motivation to release [Office 2013] was because it seems like the mothership is making a mistake. That said, the problem is that with the upcoming time it won’t be that easy for Microsoft to go back and correct it,” says ExifTool developer Tom Becker.

In December, Microsoft announced that Office 2013 would be available in June. According to Becker, the developer community has been waiting for Office 2013 93076646e9

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This is the module of the package that provides an easy access to the components with a low level programming.
Its main goal is to use the JDK reflection methods to get information about the components of a java application (modules, classes, fields, methods) and provides an unique library of methods to work with the objects.
It is the base of some of the classes that offer more features like a full access to the properties of a class or to the object/field visibility.
— java/examples/jason/
— basic
— basic/foobar
— basic/foobar/foobaz
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobar/foobaz.java
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.xml
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.jrxml
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.jar
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.properties
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.class
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.java.properties
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.xsd
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.xml.properties
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.xml
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.jrxml.properties
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.jrxml
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.js
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.js.properties
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.js.json
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.js.jrxml
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.json.properties
— basic/foobaz/utils/foobaz/foobaz.json