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Trent Franks suddenly announced that he would resign in January, issuing a terse statement which admitted to having made former female staffers uncomfortable by asking them to become surrogate mothers for him and his wife through what sounded like some sort of in-vitro fertilization process that the family had employed previously to have twins. He says, «Berkshire itself as a Fort Knox like balance sheet, but some of its operating companies may be tight on cash during the pandemic. They may have made a statement to the world to some extent, and I’m glad that they did if they did, but we made them because they seemed intelligent things to do and markets were such that we didn’t really have much competition. But in 2008 and 2009, the truth is we weren’t buying those things to make a statement to the world. Practice will get you everywhere, but experimenting will keep things interesting so don’t be afraid to adapt these moves and make your own up.

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Now it turned out that we would have been a lot better off if we’d waited four or five months to do similar things. Today we have QE, infinity, low interest rates, and hungry hedge funds, even though the economy has deteriorated rapidly over the last few months. It’s changed dramatically from what it was the year or so ago or just even six months ago. We took money out of the business basically even at a substantial loss, and we will not fund a company that where we think that it’s going to chew up money in the future. We’re not going to send money indefinitely to anything where it looks like their future is not. We started out with a company like that in our textile business at Berkshire Hathaway in 1965 and we went for 20 years trying to think we could solve something that wasn’t that solvable.

Greg, you’ve been watching what’s been happening around Berkshire. And I’m in effect reducing my interest in Berkshire, but Berkshire still retaining more capital than I’m giving away. This year, in honor of National Women and Girls HIV and AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD), observed March 10 every year, POZ caught up with Gluckman to learn more about her HIV story, advocacy and art. The possibility intrigues Andrew Morton, doyen of royal writers -author of Diana: Her True Story, and of Meghan: Hollywood Princess. Men are not simply born with the smooth, light brown skin that Hibiki appears to be blessed with. For close to a decade, Dr Shi has managed collaborative efforts to develop 3R Skincare System for chronic skin conditions and non-healing wounds. Apologies to the ladies, but this has been a term coined by so-called fashion experts and it is being used until a new and acceptable term comes up.