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How to download temporary files and delete them

If you find any files in «Downloads» that should not have been downloaded or are not associated with anything else on your computer, then please contact the person or program that downloaded them to have them removed.

You also have the option to move the files to a temporary directory (if available) and delete them once you are finished or once they have been downloaded. A temporary directory is a folder on your hard drive that has been created just for this purpose.

You can also remove the files and data associated with a downloaded file by selecting «View Files» or «Files» (from the Menu on the Toolbar) and choosing «Uninstall» from the File Type drop-down.

How to make your downloads folder on your computer available to Windows

When you download files from your hard drive to your computer, Windows saves the downloaded files in a folder called «Downloads» on your computer. This is where you can keep the files that you want to keep on your hard drive, and you can remove files that have been downloaded to your computer, but are not needed.

If you have files you want to delete, it can be easier to move the files to another folder instead of deleting them.

You may also want to make sure that your «Downloads» folder is available for use by Windows when you start the computer, or when you restart your computer after a period of inactivity.

You can make your «Downloads» folder available to Windows by opening File Explorer and double-clicking on the «Downloads» folder. This opens the folder in the Windows File Explorer. You can add files or folders to the Downloads folder when you are doing a download or when you are finished with a download. You may also want to create a separate folder for downloads to keep your files separate from other files on your computer.

You can use this method to add a shortcut to the Downloads folder, so that you do not have to open the folder in the Windows File Explorer each time you start your computer. To create a shortcut to your Downloads folder, follow these steps:

In the Windows File Explorer, click «New» and then «Shortcut.»

In the «New Shortcut» dialog box, type or paste a name for the shortcut you are creating, and then click «Create.»

Type a name for the shortcut and click «OK.»

You may also want to click on


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