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Moodle 3.x cant retrieve moderated messages for some users — «Anonymous cannot be used as a userid»

I’m trying to retrieve messages moderated by a certain user in Moodle 3.x. I’m connecting with MySQL as a database.
$sql_messages = $DB->get_record(‘message_usage_table’, array(‘userid’ => $userid), ‘*’, MUST_EXIST);

This returns the results for the user I am testing. However, when I try to retrieve all messages for the user, I get this error:
$sql_messages = $DB->get_records(‘message_usage_table’, array(‘userid’ => $userid), ‘*’, MUST_EXIST);


Cannot retrieve messages from anonymous user.

I have no idea why this is happening. I’ve tried many different userid’s (I know the one I am trying to retrieve is the correct one as it is the one that creates the messages) and still get the same error.
I am able to view user profiles, courses and assignments for the logged in user with no problem, so it seems to be specific to messages.


Your particular issue is addressed at

moodle is giving you an error because you have a CURSOR that is set to NEXT_ROW_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. (I’m not sure if it’s possible to declare a cursor as ‘query’ specific, but you could potentially do it)
With the [CURSOR] shortcut, moodle will issue a statement like «SELECT * FROM (SELECT… FROM.. WHERE 1=1)» where the FROM is (I don’t recall the exact syntax of this, just a guess) the userid of the user you are requesting. ‘WHERE 1=1’ just tries to set the cursor to the first row in the cursor.
To your first comment, this error should be message specific.
You can use the CONNECTION_ID



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And how would i get the cirtificate files(mysql.cert) from the server to the new server?
So i downloaded the software from the another server and now i want to import it to my new server(latest one)? (only cacti needs the certificate and if i transfer the.pem and.crt files the cacti is not showing the new server 🙁 )


I created Cacti successfully on windows.
Firstly, install MDAC (mySQL Data Access Components) for accessing mysql.
2- Download the latest ActiveMQ version from the site and install it.
3- Download the latest docker version from the site and install it.
4- Get the mysql.pem file from your mysql instance.
5- Start a mysql server.
6- Switch to MySQL and run the following query :
UPDATE `information_schema`.`innodb_trx` SET `current_file_pos` = ‘0’;

7- Take the mysql.pem file and add it to the activeMQ as a trust store.
8- Start the cacti and configure the activeMQ.
9- Start the A+ Monitoring tool(AVG).
10- Both the tools(cacti and avg) needs to start succesfull to work.
11- Monitor and configure the alerts.

# encoding: utf-8


Created by Johnny Long on 2013/7/1
Copyright (c) 2013 Apache. All rights reserved.

import abc

class ModuleMixin(object):
A central module for maintaining application-specific state

__metaclass__ = abc.ABCMeta

#: A collection of type hints for the instantiated class
__abstract__ = True

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
#: Holds the module’s name for later use
self.name = None
#: Holds a collection