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Can’t remove/upgrade packages due to blocked version conflicts

I am attempting to install node-sass as a result of an upgrade from node 4.x to 5.x.
The following has been attempted but has failed:
sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::=»—force-confask» -o Dpkg::Options::=»—force-confold» remove nss nss-softokn-freebl libnss3 libnspr4 libnss3

sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::=»—force-confask» -o Dpkg::Options::=»—force-confold» remove nss nss-softokn-freebl libnss3 libnspr4 libnss3

sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::=»—force-confask» -o Dpkg::Options::=»—force-confold» remove nss nss-softokn-freebl libnss3 libnspr4 libnss3

dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of nss-softokn-freebl:
nss-softokn-freebl depends on libnss3 (>= 3.14.4); however:
Package libnss3 is not installed.
nss-softokn-freebl depends on libnspr4 (>=; however:
Package libnspr4 is not installed.
nss-softokn-freebl depends on libnspr4-0d (>=; however:
Package libnspr4-0d is not installed.
nss-softokn-freebl depends on libnss3 (>= 3.14.4); however:
Package libnss3 is not installed.


The Verizon One Pass is now also supporting BlueStacks, the .
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Isoenzyme pattern in sandfly vectors of leishmaniasis has been studied using isoelectric focusing. The frequency of the enzymes in Phlebotomus papatasi was found to be as follows, in decreasing order of frequency: esterase D at pH 8.03, esterase C at pH 7.55, esterase B at pH 7.11, esterase E at pH 6.53, esterase A at pH 6.06.Hi:
After the conference this week, I found out how to use the Packman package.
Good thing, because I have some unpublished stuff to keep me busy over the
I did a preliminary job of converting the documentation. Feel free to have a

Philippe Maire
CGD — Paris
Open Source — a way to live!
PGP Key ID: 0xC3E1C9B0 — in 9236436B3DEDE79C
————— next part —————
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URL: SYDNEY, Australia — The Tasman Sea is a ring of water 40,000 square miles across and a third of a mile deep, stretching around the northern hemisphere and almost all the way to Antarctica. And for hundreds of miles in every direction, it is virtually empty.

Now, for the first time, scientists using a new satellite that can see beneath the waves have uncovered the deepest parts of this empty ring.

High-altitude balloons rigged with lasers captured images of the bottoms of 2.8 miles of the Tasman Sea using a sophisticated algorithm developed at the University of New South Wales in Australia. The measurements, described in the journal Nature Geoscience, indicate that there are four distinct layers of seafloor beneath the surface of the water.

“The interesting thing


Rails 4 Add Pagination When Using Async

I am trying to use the async gem in Rails 4. On this page there is a section where it says to add a paginate block to my index action:

As per the accepted answer here, I added the paginate method to my index action
def index
@resource = Resource.all
@paginator = paginate @resource

and I modified my view like this

When I try to create and index I get the following error:
ArgumentError in Pages#index

pagination_interface/environment.rb:30: undefined method `paginate’ for #

Why does this error occur? It appears to be a sym link to the page but it doesn’t tell me to include that file in the view.


The second parameter to paginate is the name of the partial.
You don’t want to render that partial in the first place, so you just need to pass a block to paginate:



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Towel, Towel, Towel

Travelers like to bring hand luggage that is as small as possible. But don’t forget about towel travel. When packing, be mindful that you will need extra towels, different colors and sizes. They are something that is essential if you plan to have a shower, or want to do laundry, but something that you don’t want to carry around for the entire duration of your trip. Remember, you can just buy more towels.


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BlueStacks Multilingual x86 x64 Free Download Android Emulator: Based on the most popular Android Emulator Remix OS BlueStacks Multilingual x86 x64 Free Download.. BlueStacks Multilingual x86 x64 Free Download.Q:

Why is the summary statistics showing between 1 and 400735?

I’ve been working with the (much improved) SESIAUS data set. The data set contains information on the number of males and females over the age of 40 in each parish of England and Wales over the period 1500-1835. However there are many missing ages so the number of persons for each age, sex, and parish is unknown.
This is the summary statistics
Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max.
1 10 15 17 21 400735
Std.Dev. 95% CI
0 2 1 1 1 6

And this is my code
>males_40 females_40 gr_40