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Kaleidoscope AIP Crack + Free Download

■ Kaleidoscope adds an animated kaleidoscope effect to the Objects and paths in your Illustrator file.
■ Kaleidoscope is a true plug-in that integrates with Illustrator to give you all the power of the host application but is only ever invoked by your own selected objects.
■ Kaleidoscope runs completely independent of the Illustrator’s desktop interface.
■ Kaleidoscope has its own menu bar at the top of the screen.
■ The effects can be exported to a.jpg file for easy printing.
■ The effects can be adjusted to adjust the angle, size and colour of the kaleidoscope swirls.
■ The effects can be saved and reused for future projects.
■ The colours and angles of the kaleidoscope can be changed.
■ The menu can be configured to suit your needs.
■ Kaleidoscope has no unique file format and is not dependent on any particular host application.
■ The effects can be exported and imported into Illustrator.
■ Any image with a logo, text, colour, line or shape can be converted into a kaleidoscope effect.
■ Kaleidoscope can be used for logos, patterns, typography, and other effects that require an animation, kaleidoscope or spinning effect.
■ Kaleidoscope can be used for a wide variety of design and corporate identity work.
■ Kaleidoscope is always compatible with Illustrator CS and CS2.
■ Kaleidoscope is completely free of charge.
■ There is no time limit to use or renew.
■ The plug-in is available in the Demo section.
Available for (Install and version):
■ CS for Windows: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS2 for Windows: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS for Macintosh: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS2 for Macintosh: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS for Windows and Macintosh: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS2 for Windows and Macintosh: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS3 for Windows and Macintosh: Adobe Illustrator 14 or later.
■ CS3 for Windows and Macintosh

Kaleidoscope AIP Crack + For Windows

■ You must know the KEYMACRO command to use this plug-in.
■ A version of the plugin available from the bottom of the screenshot.
Plug-in Authors — Matthew Shillito and Mark van de Keukelaar
Shillito & Co Limited
Flat 1, 23-25 Union Street
Bury St. Edmunds
Tel: +44 (0)1736 540654
*E-mail address not required.
1. A demonstration plug-in — called ‘Kaleidoscope’.
2. We will include the latest version of the plug-in with this mail.
3. Demo plug-in includes standard icons and a simple automation which moves and rotates the object.
4. If you wish to obtain a key for our plug-in, it is included free of charge in the demo version.
This document describes how you can use our plug-in for free and how you can obtain a key for it.
The plug-in is for Illustrator CS and is available for download from

The plug-in is available for download for free (may take a while). It includes the latest version of the plug-in (for both CS and CS2).
1. You can either download the plug-in separately as the linked file or you can click on the ‘Save as…’ box to download the file to your hard drive.
2. The plug-in includes a ‘key’ (which you must be able to use to install the plug-in) as well as the following:
— Kaleidoscope.ai — a demo plug-in with the standard icons which allows you to experiment with the plug-in.
— 2 important files (Kaleidoscope.js and Kaleidoscope.key).
— Standard icons.
— Instructions and a video tutorial on how to use the plug-in.
3. You can use the plug-in by choosing File > Scripts > Install Script… and follow the on-screen instructions to install the plug-in.
4. You can uninstall the plug-in by choosing File > Scripts > Uninstall Script…
If you make changes to the plug-in, you can save these by right-clicking the plug-in icon on the Plug-ins

Kaleidoscope AIP Crack

Just move and resize the image with a few simple click and you’ll get a kaleidoscope effect on it.
Kaleidoscope AIP Features:
* customizable blurriness
* customizable images locations
* customizable scale
* customizable rotation
* customisable elements
* customizable duration
* customized effect duration
* customize the angle of the effects
* customizable background transparency
* customizable tint of the background
* special menu
* universal information window

Kaleidoscope AIP price:
Kaleidoscope AIP price:
If you have a problem or question with our plug-in, please write it in the topic in this forum and we’ll help you.


You can use Kaleidoscope AIP for a single project for free, or pay for a full license with source code.

To install the plug-in:

* Kaleidoscope AIP requires «Adobe Illustrator CS»
* Do a «File» > «Install for All Users»
* Follow on-screen instructions
* Kaleidoscope AIP is available in English.

If you need any additional information, please contact us using the below address:

I haven’t tried to remove the plug in before because the file that you download from

Shillito and Company’s website seems to be corrupt.

I received a box full of it’s trial versions and I’ve found that they were all corrupt. I’ve called and asked for a refund and they are telling me it’s a problem with their hosting. I am really tempted to just buy a licence and I might do that.

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What’s New In Kaleidoscope AIP?

Kaleidoscope AIP is a free plug-in that will add a kaleidoscope effect to your Illustrator objects.
The mainstream graphics applications now offer versatility and power that satisfy the majority of requirements, even in relatively specialised fields. However, there remains substantial scope for productivity and ease-of-use improvements by employing plug-in tools from other suppliers and, in particular, custom tools designed for a specific task and workflow.
Shillito & Company offers plug-in development as a service: we can develop tools that integrate tightly with the host application, which are designed for very specific purposes, be they quality assurance, ease-of-use or some original graphic component that the host application cannot itself create.
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are particularly suitable for this purpose but other host applications can also be extended in those cases where they offer more suitable host capabilities.
As a user needing additional tools or facilities, it can be difficult to envisage what sort of extensions and modifications can be applied to the host application.
To help you to plan your requirements, we have created a free Kaleidoscope plug-in tool for Illustrator CS and CS2 (Windows version) which demonstrates many of the options — and you might even find it useful or entertaining!
Additional tools on the toolbar
Custom object types
Special cursors
Menu additions
Appearance pane information
Although the demo plug-in works with Illustrator, similar principles apply to other host applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator allows particularly comprehensive integration with plug-ins.
■ Adobe Illustrator CS

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