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O O FileErase Download

If you tend to work in a domain that deals with private or sensible information, in order to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands, you will probably want to delete all of it at the end of the day.
For that to happen, an individual must make sure that he possess the right tools. One of those tools could easily be O&O File Eraser, an app that will solve all your secure deletion problems in one simple and easy go.
Simple, attractive, fast
The application is arranged in a simple and efficient way, that is to say in structure. The looks are definitely on par with the rest of Windows 10's interface. In fact, it looks so well integrated in the Windows 10 UI that you almost have the feeling it belongs there.
The interface, aside from being trendy, is also well developed. There are no lags or stutters whatsoever. The smoothness of the application is definitely a strong point here.
Easy to use and efficient
Depending on what type of storage you have, HDD or SSD, you will have different cleaning options. The more intricate ones are reserved for HDD owners, as information has to be deleted in several cycles, due to the structure of this type of storage space.
These cycles can be adjusted by you, depending on how much time you have at your disposal or how thorough you want the cleaning to be. Regardless, the process will not be complicated at all, and the results, definitely convincing.
O&O File Eraser is without a doubt an efficient app. It will delete and execute all the necessary actions to keep those files deleted and, as a result, will assure your privacy and your information's security. This application should be part of every individual's life, especially in the case of those who have a business or company under their control.



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What’s New In?

> Remove sensitive data from drives and documents, even over USB and FireWire connections.> For a quick scan, press the «Scanned Files» button to display results immediately.> For a more thorough scan, click to scan entire drives in one go.> After deletion, free up disk space instantly.

O&O FileErase is a safe way to securely delete data, be it pictures, videos, documents, MP3 files, or what not. With this app, you can forget about data recovery.
Specifically designed for Windows users, it will provide one-click secure data removal on any file, including video and audio files, photos, document files, audio files, music files and many more.
This powerful, secure, easy-to-use application removes unwanted files from your disk space on your Mac (and Windows) drive. It is safe, simple, and effective and can remove data from many types of storage media: USB sticks, hard disks, CDs, floppy disks, portable hard drives, digital cameras, MP3 players and any other storage media, including phones and tablets.
It offers a variety of secure deletion options, including complete wipe, overwrite, zeroize, and other secure overwriting options.

Powerful Feature Pack — when you power up your Mac, have all your files and files at once stored in the cloud automatically. Don’t have access to your files at the moment? No problem. Just sign up for our Power Pack and all your files and files will be stored at the cloud for you to access whenever you need.
The most convenient and easy-to-use file recovery software!
Use Power Pack to recover deleted/lost/lost photos/videos/music/documents on Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android anytime and anywhere!
✔ Automatically backs up files and photos from Mac, iPhone and iPad to the cloud with a single click;
✔ 1-click recovery for photos and videos deleted from iOS devices;
✔ Restore directly from cloud, drag-and-drop and preview photos and videos;
✔ Support for multiple file formats;
✔ Undo function for quick recovery;
✔ Support for iCloud/Email accounts;
✔ The capacity to restore 100,000 files.
Advanced Functions:
— File format support: MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, RAW
— Support iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac
— Just upload files to the cloud from your phone or Mac and get them back without losing time;
— Built-in recovery for iPhone/iPad/Android.
— Supports multiple types of clouds: Google, Box, Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive, SMB/FTP
— Support full-featured recovery like restore photos/videos/music/documents from the cloud, and undelete files;

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core CPU at 2.0 GHz
A.S.D.: Yes
Manual Installation: Yes
Language: English, German, French, Spanish
EULA (End User License Agreement): yes
Region: All
Additional notes:
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