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Fitness Manager [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

Fitness manager allows users to control all aspects related to running a gym. Almost the whole business chain can be controlled, from the level of members to that of employees.
A highly customizable resource
The program allows a high degree of freedom. New gym members can be defined, complete with all their personal data and a photo.
Packages (e.g. fitness or aerobic) can then be linked to the new clients. One of the great features is that the software allows defining new packages. For example, one could create a “massage” module just for a particularly demanding client.
Employees can also be managed effectively with this tool. All staff entries can be edited and new groups can be defined. This is a nice feature since a potential business expansion does not require any complex program operations.
There are quite a lot of other options to define and customize (such as working hours, wages, product prices and room reservations). Having all this data in just one place is useful, but can also be potentially dangerous, as a simple system crash can ruin all the work. The built-in backup function is, therefore, highly recommended!
A comprehensive array of reports
One of the real strong points of this utility is the ability to generate multiple business accounts. These reviews can cover all the aforementioned aspects.
Payments and debts or members visits by certain time intervals – all are viewable and printable with a single click (two, if you count printing). All these reports are essential for the the accounting department, and having them all in just one place is a really great feature!
The interface is highly intuitive. Although there are plenty of functions (each with a lot more parameters to customize), they are well organized into menus and buttons.
This means that each window, although quite full, deals with only the relevant program functions. Redundant menus are virtually nonexistent.
A very good tool for administering a gym business
All in all, Fitness manager is a highly recommended utility for anyone in the business of running a gym. The amount of customization and user freedom is simply wonderful and the reports generated are very detailed and informative.









Fitness Manager Free Download [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

Run your own gym!
Fitness manager is the tool designed to administrate your gym business.
Do you dream about the day when you can simply click and you’ll have a place where the whole crew – from members to employees – can register, enter in the data they’ll need, and pay?
Do you dream about the day when you can easily manage all aspects of your business, from office supplies to operations?
Are you running a gym or, a better still, managing a gym and looking for more functions to play with?
Fitness manager is that tool.
Fitness manager is a powerful administrative and accounting software for running a gym.
It allows you to define and manage all aspects of your gym business.
Almost the whole business chain can be controlled, from the level of members to that of employees.
This means that you don’t need to worry about anything except the gym itself.
You can easily get as detailed reports as you need (current accounts and payments, members and staff information, etc.).
Thanks to this program’s intuitive interface, you can make easy changes to any of the defined parameters.
And if you have any questions or doubt that the database can handle, the built-in backup system will save you in case of an unexpected crash.
This is what we call a tool for administrating a gym business – powerful, simple and useful!
Features of the software:
Supports all the required imports and exports
Can be used both for local and remote databases.
Users can enter in any country’s database
Plans, packages and membership fees can be easily defined and customized
Customized and interactive reports are very easy to create
This program uses the same database structure as all its fellow partners.
If one is missing, the software will try to automatically download it.
This is not a feature you can count on if you use a non-supported database.
This program uses a double password security system.
One is for the administrator, the other for the user.
The admin password changes regularly, while the user’s can be reset anytime.
The program is available in both English and French versions.
What you should know:
This program is only available for a monthly subscription. It is not available as a free download.
The license key is accessible only for a few months, therefore, you should sign up as soon as possible to save your money.
Fitness manager price

Fitness Manager For Windows (Latest)

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Fitness Manager License Key

Fitness manager is an easy-to-use tool for gym owners and managers that will allow you to control every single aspect of your gym.The software integrates and combines all the available tools into one place, with everything you need to manage your gym.
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What’s New In Fitness Manager?

Fitness Manager is designed to be a complete and flexible solution for managing any kind of business. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive system for tracking any aspect of your business – from membership, to facilities, to employees, to invoicing, to other aspects.
Fitness Manager comes with a comprehensive set of features designed for all business types, from small – to medium – to large organizations – with the options to meet the needs of virtually every person or organization in the world. It allows any business to automate their day-to-day tasks, streamline their business processes, and make data-driven decisions.
Every Fitness Manager account is free, but if you would like to enhance your Fitness Manager experience, you may purchase an extended service plan that allows you to add additional features – such as additional phone lines, custom domains, and more.
Fitness Manager has all the features you would expect from a modern – albeit very powerful – CRM system – including modules to track and manage members, facilities, employees, payments, debtors, invoicing, and so much more.
Create and manage unlimited number of business accounts.
Each account can have unlimited members and unlimited facilities.
Automate your day-to-day tasks.
Convert any sales into a recurring task – no need to create a new task for each sale.
Track and manage any amount of invoices.
Automatically track any amount of sales.
Manage your bookings and room reservations.
Generate any amount of reports.
Manage your gym in one convenient location.
Fitness Manager Resources:
Fitness Manager is a complete fitness management software. It supports an extensive list of business accounts, all with unlimited number of members and facilities. Each business account can be customized, so you can create unique solutions for different businesses.
Fitness Manager can integrate with a wide range of third-party software. To learn more, please visit the Fitness Manager Resources page on this website.
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System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
512MB RAM (512MB RAM is required to run the game properly)
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28.6 MB disk space (1-2GB or more if you wish to install OGG sounds and language packs)
Internet connection (for the download of the Patch and DLC)
1 GB hard disk space (although this is not required)
Installation Instructions:
Note that you must be connected