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*** Spooky Backgrounds ***
1. Download and unzip the file
2. Install the icon
* A computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Mac OSX 10.4 or later.
* Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 2 or later.
* Screen resolution 1024×768 or higher.

This is a collection of windows, doors, and ornaments from the Mystery Manor in Gamespy Classic.
Most of the models in this collection are never released.
All models are from Gamespy Classic. If you have any questions about these models, don’t hesitate to contact me.

These are the Mini-bosses from the Battle City minigame! Like all the others in this series, they are completely free to use and can be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Smoke-Tubey’s Water Torture Chamber
Smoke-Tubey’s Water Torture Chamber
Battle City’s mini-bosses. Torture Victims of any difficulty level can be found in these chambers.

Long-haired Merman

Defender of the Sea
On the shore of the Death Realm, where the sea of blood is raised, a mermaid with long red hair awaits you. Her hair looks so pretty and long but her face is full of anger…


A Lich
In the watery waterlands of the death realm, there is a lich whose body keeps changing as it wanders around. Its body is bent like a bow, and its eyes are wide open. It will throw a skill with the bow to hit you.


Dressed in rags and armor, a black dragon with a dirty face and broken body walks with a familiar expression. You are likely to see him in the battle with a trainer who is probably too greedy or sadistic for his own good.


A half-man, half-demon lies in a bed, his figure half-concealed by a bed sheet. When he’s awake, he is all dressed up and he puts on a fierce expression. His voice is also deep and loud. He is often seen with a pillow.


An ugly, fat-bodied man with a large jaw and thin lips. He holds a large weapon and looks like he wants to use it any second. A human fighter 70238732e0

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1.Save up to 25 Clipboard entries in its queue.
2.After storing files, you can manage them to make a backup by archiving unnecessary ones.
3.Convert text to uppercase, lowercase, and invert the case.
4.Copy and delete clips.
5.Paste new ones to the clipboard.
6.Re-order clips.
7.Refresh information displayed.
8.Create Text, C-type, and HTML comments.
9.Copy clip to file or send it via e-mail.
10.Save and load formats.


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How to plot separate lines for every group of rows in a dataframe?

I have a dataframe containing information about the distribution of several markers (columns 1 and 2). Every sample has an identifier (column 3), as well as a corresponding group of numbers (column 4, 5,… n).
I’m trying to plot the frequency of a certain marker along the Y axis, but I can’t get it to work properly. I can’t get it to work, because I’d like the marker frequency to be broken down by group (see picture below).
Is there a way I can specify, on the fly, which marker I’d like to plot?

Thank you!


One way would be to plot the mean of column 1 and the mean of column 2 per group in the new column «col_group» and replace the marker by a line connecting the means.
m = df.groupby(‘col_group’)[‘col1′,’col2’].mean()
df[‘col_group’] = ‘Other’
df[‘marker’] = df.groupby(‘col_group’)[‘col1′,’col2’].transform(‘mean’)

ax = df.plot(x=’col1′,y=’col2′, kind=»line», color=»orange», marker=m)

Which gives you something like this:

You could also add the line directly to