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KeyMacro is a hypervisor-based network traffic analyzer. KeyMacro collects network traffic from network devices and then stores and analyzes the traffic using a high performance computing (HPC) cluster.
Technical Details:
KeyMacro is based on the Open vSwitch network virtualization platform. The system software is integrated with HPC cluster to collect the traffic and store it in an HPC-compatible file format. Using the Hypervisor-based traffic collector, KeyMacro provides application layer visibility to network traffic.
KeyMacro supports the following network devices:
· Juniper/Cisco IPSec (RFC2401, RFC4543, RFC4106)
· Cisco Systems
· Juniper Networks
· Cisco Systems
· Juniper Networks
Linux Required:
· Standard Linux distributions
· Open vSwitch (Open vSwitch is required to run KeyMacro)
· HPC cluster
Storage Required:
KeyMacro can optionally use disk storage to store network traffic when an HPC cluster is not available. KeyMacro will automatically store traffic data in a format compatible with the HPC cluster. Currently, KeyMacro supports disk based storage of NetFlow data for Cisco devices and Juniper devices.
NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Feature Options:
Flow Context Discovery:
Flow Context Discovery can be turned on or off in KeyMacro. With Flow Context Discovery enabled, the KeyMacro application learns the Flow Context (source and destination addresses, destination ports, protocol, etc.) associated with each packet that KeyMacro receives. This additional information provides increased accuracy for NetFlow data collection and analysis.
This feature is especially useful for analyzing NetFlow data coming from security devices, i.e., network intrusion detection and prevention (NIDS/NPI) devices, because without flow context information, it is often difficult to distinguish legitimate traffic (e.g., web traffic) from suspicious traffic (e.g., suspicious web traffic). Flow context discovery can also improve the accuracy of data stored and analyzed using KeyMacro.
Time Range:
Flow context data can be collected over a particular time period. Time period can be selected using the following format:
NetFlow Data Format:
KeyMacro supports NetFlow data formats provided by Cisco and Juniper network devices. These data formats are listed in Table 1 below.
Table 1: NetFlow Data Formats
Network Device Formats
Juniper vFlow format
Juniper 70238732e0

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It is a Macro recording program.
A very simple tool. No macro settings, the only way to change anything is to use the Macros you record.
It’s possible to have only 2 macros and not use any Recorders, but that’s all the program does.

My Word Macro software is your ultimate tool to record your individual or favorite Hotkey Combinations.
My Word Macro creates recorded sequences of keys that you can use later to automate any operation on the PC.
To record Hotkey Combinations you can use a special feature called «Time Stamp». You can specify the starting time of a Macro as well as the recording time. My Word Macro allows you to set a time for which you want to record your Hotkey Combination. You can also specify an optional ending time for the sequence. The recorded Hotkey Combination will start immediately when you press the Start button and will continue for the time you specified. You can set up different Hotkey Combinations for different scenarios.
You can create different Hotkey Combinations for different Scenarios.

Keyboard Macro Genius is a software tool that helps you to automate the Windows keyboard shortcuts in an easy and simple way.
Keyboard Macro Genius records the hotkeys that you assign to your favourite functions.
To assign a hotkey, simply select it from the list of available hotkeys and press the assigned key on the keyboard. For every hotkey that you have assigned to the shortcut, a pop-up appears that allows you to set a hotkey combination to any function of your choice.
You can specify to start the hotkey combination automatically at a fixed time.
As it is possible to assign hotkeys to several functions, the program allows you to group them and assign them to a single shortcut.
To export the settings, you can copy the hotkey shortcuts to the clipboard.
Keyboard Macro Genius was designed with beginners in mind and is easy to use, even for those who are not computer-savvy.

Free Session Monitor is an innovative, multidimensional solution that makes it possible to monitor the log of browser sessions and their activities.
Its powerful sessions tracking can be easily integrated into the web or desktop applications, enabling to carry out an accurate analysis of web usage.
Free Session Monitor can be used to track active sessions, sessions with content, sessions with ads, abandoned sessions, and even sessions where a cookie was blocked.
In addition, the program offers detailed information on each visited website and the number