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KEYMACRO is a free Windows utility to generate a keyboard macro to execute any key combination. In addition to your choice of key combination, users can define actions, special characters, filename, and variables. KEYMACRO also integrates with Windows…

Keyboard Macro

USD $9.99

Keyboard Macro Screenshot

FastSum Standard Edition Main Window

FastSum Standard Edition main window.

Image Details

FastSum Standard Edition

Quick accommodation and easy file loading

There are cases when a download manager reserves some space on your hard disk drive for large files, and you might be tricked into believing the file is downloaded if you don’t properly check. Even the slightest missing info can have undesired consequences. There’s no type of file in particular that gets affected by this.

As such, you are able to check the integrity of anything on your disk drive with this application. Files can be added either by dragging them over the main window, or via the built-in open dialog, which applies to one or more files, as well as entire folder structures.

In terms of design, the application sports a clean look that helps you accommodate in a jiffy. Most space is used to enlist target files along with name, path, size, and state, another panel for process status, as well as a toolbar to quickly trigger functions.

File filters and context menu integration

Accessing the options menu gives you the possibility to customize what info to receive, how to apply the process, and even choose where to save log files and under what name. Moreover, you can create a list of exceptions in order to save time, in case system files may be inside folders you decide to check.

The process runs smooth, with a neat amount of data displayed, and possibility to save logs. What’s more, the application integrates itself in the default context menu so you can check files and folders a lot faster, without having to open the application first.

To sum it up

All in all, FastSum Standard Edition offers a decent amount of tools with which to check the integrity of any file or directory structure on your computer. The simple visuals make sure accommodation only takes a little while, making this application worth a try overall.

Keyboard Macro Screenshot

FastSum Standard Edition Main Window

FastSum Standard Edition main window.

Keyboard Macro

The first picture shows the application’s main window. On the top 70238732e0

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Create mathematical formulas based on symbols input by mouse and keyboard.


Subversion of course.

To install Inlage in your system, you have to do the following steps:

Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7
Download the Inlage Beta2

After you installed both Java and Inlage, the first thing you should do is to create the input source so Inlage can work. To do this you have to go to File — New and then select Input Source. You will then see the Input source Editor, you should copy the source you want to use from the Input source Editor and paste it in the text editor and give it a name. You should then click OK.

Installing Inlage Beta2

Launch Inlage Beta2 and go to File — New and you should see the Input Source you created. You can then edit this input source and copy the formulas from Math Input Panel in Inlage Beta2. Paste it in the text editor and click OK.

Advanced Options

After you clicked OK you will be asked if you want to export the Input source. You have two options: (1) Export to PDF and (2) Export to HTML. Click on Export to PDF, then a new window will open asking you which PDF viewer you want to use, select Acrobat Reader and click OK.

In order to have Inlage load the correct pdf viewer you have to launch your pdf viewer, save the file you created before, and open it.

Converting Math to LaTeX and vice-versa

You can use LaTeX (text) and Math styles to make an easy and beautiful transition between input and output. In Inlage you can do this by clicking on File — Edit and choosing the styles you need. Click on LaTeX and choose the one you want, click on Math and choose the one you want and click OK. To return to the input window, you can do the following:

Back to input window: Click on File — View and choose the input source that you created.

To add symbols: Click on Math and then on Symbol and add all the symbols you need. You can find different symbols in the Math Input Panel. You can also click on the Symbol — Add and you will be able to add additional symbols.

Return to LaTeX: Click on File — Edit and choose the styles you need. Click on