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Circuitscape is a commercial application for modeling and visualizing the migration and gene flow of plant and animal species in heterogeneous landscapes.
For that, users have to input maps containing the population data of the species. The maps can be gathered from census, field investigations or digitized from herbarium specimens.
The focus on the data is what makes the software unique and the user can use other GIS applications to acquire population data, but it is also possible to use their own data.
There is a single source of point data, while a variety of sinks and points is available.
For a particular node, it is possible to select different inputs, sinks and/or pathways, all within a defined distance from the source.
Circuitscape also features several distribution modeling modes, being the most relevant to be considered, the following ones:
1. Direct distribution (which implements the least-cost paths that simultaneously consider all the pathways across a landscape).
2. Reciprocal distribution (which implements the reciprocal pathways between the focal nodes).
3. Independent sources (which uses an independent source for each node).
4. Independent grounds (which uses an independent ground for each node).
Circuitscape is also able to evaluate the genetic differences between nodes. This is achieved by partitioning the migration matrix into two submatrices (one for sources and one for sinks), which correspond to the partitions of the mating matrix.
The ratio between the two submatrices represents the amount of genetic divergence from the two nodes.
Circuitscape also provides a variety of networks that can be represented in a 3D space: the barrier network, the matrix network, the tree network and the Y-network.
The barrier network represents the least-cost path using the least cost barriers. The matrix network represents the same network but using the least cost routes. The tree network represents the least-cost paths using different trees, while the Y-network represents the least-cost paths using a Y-shaped network.
Besides the standard applications, Circuitscape provides a variety of support tools: the modules, which offer dynamic data exploration, statistical analysis, map comparison, demographic analysis, and data distribution analysis; the templates, which offer different algorithms to be implemented (among which Circuitscape, the coalescent and the drift-recombination model, which are the most relevant).
All these features make Circuitscape a versatile application for modeling the gene flow in heterogeneous landscapes.
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