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Calvin and Hobbes is an Adobe Air-based software application whose purpose is to help you view Calvin and Hobbes comic strips using straightforward actions.
Simple looks
The utility adopts a clean and plain design that doesn’t hide any complex and intricate configuration settings under its hood.
It doesn’t come packed with a help manual but you do not need one in order to decode the program’s dedicated parameters, as they are highly intuitive.
Viewing options
The application makes the reading process seem nothing more than a child’s play. It automatically loads the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips directly in the main window and implements quick control buttons for helping you jump to the next or previous page.
What’s more, you can create a list with your favorite pages and view them enumerated in a dedicated panel. In order to remove favorite items, you need to double-click on the target page.
We have tested the utility on Windows 8.1 Pro and it runs smoothly without displaying errors. It remains friendly on system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.
Where it falls short
There are some essential features that are not implemented in the program. Calvin and Hobbes doesn’t let you resize the main window (where the reading takes place) so you are basically stuck with the preset size, which is too small for visualising all the details and text in the comic strips.
A full screen reading mode is not supported. The utility does not organize comic data by books, chapters or other criteria. It simply lists some famous parts from the Calvin and Hobbes collection. You cannot import custom images from your computer.
Bottom line
All in all, Calvin and Hobbes delivers a simplistic software solution for reading some parts from the Calvin and Hobbes collection. However, it is quite poor in offering reading features, so several improvements are welcomed.
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MS Office is an intuitive and useful application for Microsoft Windows that allows you to create, view and modify Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more). This utility allows you to open a document in the most popular formats, such as DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, TXT, MHTML, HTML, etc. It is possible to merge several documents, change the format, create, open, modify, send, import and export files. Office enables the user to open, view, print, edit and save a variety of eea19f52d2


A set of high quality images showing Jackets and the people wearing them.
The screen saver can be used as a frame for a TV screen or a monitor.
With Screen Savers people can get a preview of what the designer thought would be the best photograph for the model wearing the jacket.
The screen saver comes with lots of different options to help you get the best possible result.
— You can set the preferred Image Duration from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
— The screensaver comes with several transition effects like: Fade, Zoom, Roll and more…
— The screensaver comes with 16 high quality images of jackets.
— The screensaver allows you to set the preferred image size, so that you get the best possible result.
— You can set the maximum image size to 3MB
— The screensaver works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Download Jackets Screensaver for free:
(1)Jackets Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(2)Screensavers In The News — Free Screensaver.
(3)Next Impression Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(4)Screensavers DVD — Free Screensaver.
(5)Kissing Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(6)CandyScreensaver — Free Screensaver.
(7)Jackets Screensaver.
(8)Realscreen Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(9)Movie Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(10)Glove Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(11)Jackets Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(12)Ocean Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(13)Watch Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(14)Three Sets Of Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(15)Jacket Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(16)Messy Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(17)Universe Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(18)Wonderful Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(19)Warm Screensaver — Free Screensaver.
(20)Screensavers Christmas — Free Screensaver.
(21)Logos Screensaver — Free Screensaver.