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This software is very useful for protecting your torrent files from cyber attacks. These days, cyber attacks are on the rise, so you should make sure your torrent files are safe and protected from attacks.
Torrent is a file format for sharing and downloading millions of files on a peer-to-peer network. Downloading and sharing of torrent files are done through its very own protocol which is a pretty complex one. Every time you add a new torrent file to the list, you need to set the unique identification for it. The unique identification or ID for a torrent file is generally known as the PASSPHRASE.
Torrent files are commonly shared between several users. So, the PASSPHRASE is the only thing that can secure your private and sensitive data in these files. If the PASSPHRASE of a file is compromised, your private data could be easily stolen.
If you add a new PASSPHRASE for a torrent file, you need to inform the other users who have already downloaded this file about it. This is to ensure that no other user has used the PASSPHRASE of a file in the future.
But, since your torrent files are very huge in number, the process of informing all of your peers would take a lot of time and effort. So, you need a simple and quick way to change the PASSPHRASE of torrent files, without having to communicate with all of your peers.
The PasskeyChanger tool enables you to change PASSPHRASE for every torrent file you own without the need of communicating with your peers.
With this tool, you don’t need to enter the new PASSPHRASE all the time. You need to input the new PASSPHRASE only once at the time of launching the application and use the same PASSPHRASE all the time for all the torrent files.
This application does not allow you to change PASSPHRASE for torrents that are already shared with peers.
If you are planning to share your files through torrent, you should consider using this tool, which will greatly save your time and effort.
PasskeyChanger Features:
1. Change the PASSPHRASE of Torrents
If you are using a popular torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent, TorrentX, and Transmission, you should get an idea about the fact that changing PASSPHRASE for a torrent file is a time consuming process.
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NetEraser is a small and handy application designed to help scan and clean old, junk, duplicated and privacy files from your computer. It also removes hidden web tracks and saved history for both Windows and the web browsers. Search the web browser and delete unwanted files The app is wrapped in a neat and clean interface, structured in six distinct categories: «Home», «Scan», «Clear web browser», «Repair», «Startup and uninstall» and «File shredder». The «Home» tab displays the performance level of the system, the risk (low, medium, high) and when the last scan was performed. Select what elements should be scanned Plus, categories like junk, duplicates or malicious ActiveX files can be marked for the scan. NetEraser also lets you erase the history folder, cache and cookies and recently typed URLs from Internet Explorer, Opera or other browsers you may have installed. Repair files and handle startup programs It’s possible to follow the same steps for Windows Explorer’s temporary files and recent documents, as well as for the system, Recycle Bin, clipboards, logs or dead desktop shortcuts. Once the scan is complete, the records are displayed in a list with their extension name and description, and can be restored. Check the status of the firewall and NetBIOS In the «System Repair» tab, the tool displays the status of several system functions, such as the firewall, NetBIOS, RPC locator or IPC$. Plus, you can reduce the booting time by removing unnecessary items from the startup list or by uninstalling the ones you don’t need anymore. It would’ve been useful if the app offered a scheduler to set automatic scans on specific days, along with a registry defragmentation function. Decent system scanner and cleaner Taking everything into consideration, NetEraser is a reliable utility that comes in handy when you want to scan, delete and repair outdated and unnecessary system files, as well as clean the web browser’s cookies, history and downloaded items.

NetEraser Features:

Search and delete web browser files:

Hide and remove the stored history and cookies from the web browsers and «Feed» panels

Search and erase «Send to» list

Identify and clean the unwanted elements in the Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers

It can scan for the Malwarebytes, 2-Factor Authentication, FoxyProxy and Virtual Networking

The application can scan the Windows Registry, as well as the system and cache