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Key Macro Studio is a complete solution for creating macros in a MS Office environment.
Key Macro Studio Features:
Key Macro Studio allows you to create templates (macros) from scratch or copy/paste existing macros from different files. It also allows you to create user-defined functions that can be used in macros by making a connection to macros available for future editing.
You can run macros in the background of MS Office and view their results by sending them directly to the Notepad. All macros run in MS Office and are not saved to local files.
Key Macro Studio also allows you to create macros in macros. You can also create hotkeys for macros by dragging and dropping buttons to the toolbars.
You can also import a template from MS Office or a file in the other formats such as XML, VB, VBA and XSLT.
Key Macro Studio allows you to set certain restrictions for your macros. For example you can limit the number of macros available in MS Office per one file and decide if macros can be opened or not when another file is opened.
Key Macro Studio has a built-in editor. All macros are stored in a separate xml file in one of the three locations:
In the project folder
In the folder C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\XLSTART
In the folder C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp\XLSTART
Key Macro Studio is easy to use and installation.

KeyStuff is a little tool that allows you to create a password that can only be opened with a specific software or with the help of a specific hardware.
It is, simply, an anti-keylogger software that allows you to hide your windows password from being shown on a screen. It works as a password cracker and the sole purpose of the software is to recover your password. So, it is not a keylogger.
The software is not designed to steal your password. It is a tool that will help you out in case you forget your password. As well as the software lets you choose between two ways of opening the hidden password: hardware-based or software-based.
A software-based way of opening the hidden password is through the use of a software called KeyStuff. This is a tool that is used as a password cracker. You can download it from the official website.
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KEYMACRO is a software for the convenience of people who record game sessions on PC, in which people would often struggle to type long text sequences quickly.
With the help of KEYMACRO, you can perform keyboard macros on Windows and Linux!
Keyboard macro software has become a favorite for users to record keyboard-related text entry and edit them later. The software can perform keyboard macros on Windows and Linux. Therefore, it can be used for recording many text sequences and playing them back in a convenient way.
There are many features in the software, such as:
* Support unlimited macro sequences. You can record and edit as many text entries as you want
* Record and replay text entries in any order you want. The software can also interpret the keyboard layout automatically
* Support to record and edit text entries on multiple languages simultaneously.
* The software supports the recording and playback of multiple languages simultaneously. It can support 6 different languages in a keyboard macro.
* Auto detect keyboard layout and make sure the correct characters can be recorded
* The software can be used in both Windows and Linux operating systems.
* Basic usage:
* Step 1: Log into the program. Select a text entry or enter a new text entry for recording.
* Step 2: Press the Start recording button to start recording the text entry.
* Step 3: Check the playback results after the recording finishes. Adjust it if necessary.
* Step 4: When you are done recording, press the Stop recording button to stop the recording process.
* Step 5: After the recording process is done, click the ‘Playback’ button to play back the text entry recorded.
* Customizing:
* Step 1: Press the Edit button to open the configuration window.
* Step 2: You can edit the following information in the configuration window:
o Sound effect: The sound effect can be selected from the list, and you can enter the sound effect name and the volume.
o Sequencer: The sequence of the text entry can be set here.
* Step 3: Click the Save button to save your custom settings.
* Step 4: Click the Play button to start playing back the custom text entry.
* Editing:
* Step 1: Double-click the text entry in the recording box to open the text editing window.
* Step 2: You can edit the following information in the text editing window:
o Start point: You can move the start point by dragging.