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PDF Password Cracker Enterprise is a professional PDF decryption software which is capable of decryption any document encrypted using a password.
Its advanced and safe encryption software makes use of a mathematical algorithm to crack the passwords embedded in any PDF file.
All in all, it is a lightweight PDF decryption tool that allows users to crack encrypted PDF files for the first time.
PDF Password Cracker Enterprise can also be used to decrypt all legacy formats of PDF files, e.g. Acrobat PDF 5.0, 3.0, 2.0, etc.
It decrypts the file in one simple step.
KEYMACRO Functions:
PDF Password Cracker Enterprise is an excellent tool which allows you to crack any password from your PDF file in just a few seconds.
It can unlock the password from almost all versions of Adobe Acrobat.
You can use it on Mac and Windows systems.
It can be run as a standalone application or it can be used as a Windows service.
It can be easily used by individuals with any level of experience.
The interface of the tool consists of a standard window with an intuitive layout. Loading a document into the working environment is easily done via the file browser or «drag and drop» method. It is not possible to schedule multiple items for decryption by creating a queue.
So, you can select the type of attack between brute force, dictionary and key search. The first option allows you to configure some options when it comes to the range (e.g. all caps or small Latin, all special symbols, space, user-defined characters).
But you can also establish the minimum and maximum password length, along with the start and end position. While using the dictionary attack mode, you can enable PDF Password Cracker Enterprise to try all possible upper and lower case combinations.
Additional configurable parameters are available through the Options screen. Therefore, you can remove metadata, the JavaScript code, embedded thumbnails, all comments, the embedded file, bookmarks, private data, the named destination, all form actions, digital signatures and data streams.
The software app uses a very low quantity of CPU and system memory, creates a log file and can take a very long while to find out the password of a PDF file, depending on the options you have chosen. On top of that, the tool has not been updated for a very long time. However, we have not come across any issues during our testing, since PDF Password Cracker Enterprise did not hang, d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a small and useful software program that allows you to build a macro (sequence of keystrokes) in your favorite programming language.
This has been built for programmers who are not proficient in using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) but would like to take advantage of the power of macros.
Some of its features are as follows:
— Highlights the executed line and cursor position.
— Enables you to run all macros for the entire time the program is running.
— Highlights the input data to be included in the current macro.
— Displays the current value of the input data
— Provides the capability to modify the previous values
— Allows to save your settings as a default.
— Allows to export the contents of a macro file (text file) in any text editor
— Allows you to assign the filename and path to the macro file in the
preferred location
— Provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for easier work and control
— Allows you to debug the macros you have developed.
— Provides the ability to put your macro (a sequence of keystrokes) in a file.
— Allows you to assign a name to the file and move it to a specific location.
— You can name the current version of the macro.
— Provides all previous versions of the macro saved in the same
— Allows to use a special character to close your macro editor.
— Allows you to configure the keyboard shortcuts
— You can use an operator shortcut for opening macros.
— Allows to assign macros to different keys.
— You can configure the mouse activity when using a macro.
— Allows you to limit the size of your macros.
— Allows to include macros in your scripts.
— Allows to assign a new file name for each macro.
— Allows you to save the current macro.
— Allows to show only the current macro in the output window.
— Allows to skip macros in the output window.
— Allows you to compile the macros.
— Allows you to customize the output format.
— Allows you to set the format for the output file name.
— Allows you to select the kind of the output file.
— Allows you to select the location of the output file.
— Allows you to display the macros that you have built previously.
— Allows you to select the output file format.
— Allows you to save your macros as a default.
— Allows you to export