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The Stereo to Mono VST plugin is designed to convert a stereo signal to mono. It automatically chooses the best left and right channels, reduces the volume of the right channel and adjusts the overall volume of the audio signal.
With the Stereo to Mono VST plugin you can improve the sound of mono sound system using two stereo source signals. The Stereo to Mono VST plugin will produce a mono signal of equal power and frequency to both signals. It does not require the CPU to process the audio signal. The Stereo to Mono VST plugin is a VST plugin for the Windows platform, it works with all sound engines.

The stereo to mono converter should be used to improve the sound of a mono sound system such as a DJ, audio record player, CD/DVD player, etc.

In the stereo to mono converter, the level of the right channel will be reduced, and the overall volume will be scaled.

Stereo to mono converter has three kinds of controls.

Toggle the converter on or off
Choose the left channel output
Choose the right channel output
Adjust the overall volume

Reduce the level of the right channel
Mute the right channel

Overall volume:
Scale the overall volume

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Category:Virtual DJDe-noised diffuse correlation spectroscopy and its applications in the discrimination of maize and sorghum varieties.
Diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) has been successfully demonstrated to be a powerful spectroscopic technique for the discrimination of varieties. The key to its usefulness is the power of DCS to remove noise while preserving the absorption spectrum. We have developed a de-noised version of DCS and the results suggest it can be used to discriminate varieties of maize and sorghum.Apple music app lacks a Shazam-like scan feature that would let you identify a song by matching an artist, album or song title against the database of songs stored on an iPhone. The only way to identify a song is to scroll through a list of similar songs, using a feature called «Similar Tracks.»

As music subscription services become more popular, users are finding it hard to keep track of what they have and haven’t listened to.

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The CORRALZS ID to the first X coordinate is changed to ZSCAT-X. Also the first Z coordinate has a new entry for the X coordinate. This entry is ZSCAT-Y.
There is a new entry: ZFAC-NUM. The number must be a magnitude from 0 to 99. This is a sort key used by the program.
All files in this release:
Karl Gliese (knw@eso.org)1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a semiconductor device which performs, for example, a protection function for a semiconductor element and relates to a semiconductor device which detects the degree of degradation of a semiconductor element and an integrated circuit substrate equipped with the semiconductor device.
2. Description of the Related Art
In recent years, it has been known that a semiconductor element may fail due to a migration or short circuit of a conductive material that is formed in a semiconductor substrate. Therefore, a protection circuit is mounted on a semiconductor element in order to detect the short-circuit of the conductive material and protect the semiconductor element.
In order to protect the semiconductor element, it is necessary to first protect a terminal portion of the semiconductor element. Therefore, in the semiconductor element protection method described in Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 10-300685, a protection circuit is mounted around a terminal portion of the semiconductor element.
In addition