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The KEYMACRO event is a special, user-defined string used by the editor
to determine the highlighting that should occur. You can set this
through the property on any TSynEditor object, as well as in the.pas
file that it’s linked to.

MSG Description:
A message was sent to the editor window or control.

MSG Param Description:
A message was sent to the editor window or control. The parameter
data is a pointer to a structure of type TMsgParamData.

Message Description:
A message was sent to the editor window or control. A number
parameter is associated with each message, corresponding to one of
the constants below. Note that there is a global map of parameter
types to parameter numbers; i.e. the map is 1:1.
As a result, you can pass the same parameter data value to more than
one message; the only real restriction is that the parameters for the
two messages must have the same type.
Note that the parameter data is not transmitted to the editor window
or control; instead, it is passed to a global handler, which will
distribute it to the appropriate window/control. The only handler
that the editor calls is SynEdit.OnMessage.

$V+ Description:
A keyword or id used as a reference to a variable.

$v+ Description:
A keyword or id used as a reference to a variable.

$0+ Description:
A keyword or id used as a reference to a variable.

$# Description:
A keyword or id used as a reference to a variable.

$R+ Description:
A reference to a resource that is being used by the editor.

$R- Description:
A reference to a resource that is not being used by the editor.

$H+ Description:
A hexadecimal number. Note that this is not the same as a 16-bit

$h+ Description:
A d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a macro recorder that enables you to record the results of typing into a text field.
These are then saved and linked with the content of a text file. The application even offers you to export and import text files. In addition, you can also export and import the recorded macros and texts to a text file. The application is able to recognize more than 20 different text files, such as RTF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, RPT, RTF, XML, HTML, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, IMS, CSV, and FCS.
Data files saved in TXT, RTF, XLS, and PPTX format can be converted to HTML and PDF format using the application.
Another useful feature of the program is that you can easily generate reports, export macros and texts to HTML and PDF files, and run commands using the macro files. Furthermore, the application can help you record macros and texts for the Internet and email. Additionally, the recording process does not depend on the format of the text you’re recording, and you do not need to fill up the text fields while recording macros and texts.
Easily add event messages
KEYMACRO makes it really easy to add event messages. This means you’ll be able to create short messages for passing data from one field to another (from one text field to another, for example).
With the application, it’s easy to update the macros and texts as well. After the program has finished recording macros and texts, you’ll be asked if you want to save them in the personal folder. The application does not store the content of the text file and the macros in the database; instead, it takes an image of the text file and the image of the macros.
The program has a single option that’s worth mentioning, which enables you to analyze the image of the saved text file or macros. KeyMACRO enables you to detect different objects, like pictures, charts, tables, text boxes, and more.
The application offers you the option to add text fields and use various fields. You’ll be able to link all text fields with each other and assign them values.
Furthermore, you can directly print, export, and import the created texts or macros. Plus, you can generate reports.
You may run macros and text files using the application, or you can also add