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MHX Classroom Helper makes your School a great learning place where young minds can gather, and establish learning communities of their own.
The software is built on the NUT/JectD technology that is already used in the NUT Software: MHX Server, MHX Creator, MHX Reader, MHX Level, and other MHX products.
MHX Classroom Helper is compatible with Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32/64-bit), and works as an add-on to MHX Server.
The software is extremely intuitive, and its integration with the MHX Server is easy. It will be installed through the installation wizard that is included in MHX Server, and the whole process will be fast and without any user interface (GUI).
Once MHX Classroom Helper is running, you’ll be able to invite students and teachers to specific classrooms, groups and classrooms, with multiple users.
You’ll also be able to assign classrooms and groups to users in the same way that you assign them in MHX Server.
MHX Classroom Helper allows you to quickly create groups of students and teachers that you want to keep separated from each other.
Every classroom group can have multiple classrooms.
Each classroom can be associated with a different user, in the same way that you configure them on MHX Server.
Each classroom and group is assigned to a database, which allows you to manage those groups and classrooms in real time.
You’ll be able to add new classrooms and groups, edit classrooms and groups, create and manage user profiles, and assign classrooms and groups to users.
There are two modes to manage classrooms and groups: edit or view.
When editing a classroom, group or user, you’ll be able to change their name, create new classrooms and groups for them, and even assign them to a user.
In the view mode, you’ll be able to see the details of a classroom, group or user in a list, or add them to a database by clicking on the list (groups and classrooms are listed inside folders).
MHX Classroom Helper comes with the Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7, 8, and Windows 10 (32/64-bit) virtual machine images.
Users can run it on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
The software is compatible with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visual Studio.
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Manage timesheets, expenses and assignments from your personal computer.
Easily add billing and expenses
Add billable and non-billable items in time sheets
Create recurring assignments
Easily send the notifications to the team leader, project manager or the customer
Ability to track the assignments, track the expenses, assign expenses to the projectIn recent years, hypercube and hypercube switching network apparatus (abbreviated as “HSN”) have become popular as a technique for increasing the capacity of a crossbar switch. HSN is a technique whereby the capacity is increased by utilizing a tree-structured optical network that is already being implemented. By making use of such a tree structure, it is possible to implement a switch having a capacity that is a multiple of the capacity of a crossbar switch. HSN has an advantage in that it is possible to use a new type of optical device, whereas a crossbar switch limits the possibility of using new optical device types, and requires optical amplifiers (OAs) for high-capacity networks.
Since HSN switches are to be realized in a huge number of nodes, it is necessary to control the nodes so as to prevent a network from being halted by a failure. It is also necessary to control a data transfer path according to a scheduling process. Since the above-mentioned control is performed independently in each node, it is not possible to keep the entire HSN network running when a control failure occurs in one node. For this reason, HSN networks are required to have a configuration that permits recovery from a control failure in any node. In a HSN network, one node serves as the control node, and a tree-structured optical network is made up of node data switching units (i.e., the “nodes” of the tree structure). The node data switching units each have two paths, which are each connected to an input port and an output port. In a tree-structured optical network, only one input port and one output port are required per node.
In recent years, the addition of new control functions to a node has become the focus of research. However, HSN has a problem in that since one node can serve as the control node, it is difficult to add control functions to the node. It is also difficult to add new node functions, because of the limited number of input and output ports. One solution is to provide two or more nodes as control nodes.