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Keymacro is a macro to solve keyboard-based Java problems.
Some of the options of the user interface (UI) are available to the Java programmer.
Some of the options of the UI are not available to the Java programmer.
It is possible to record key strokes in Keymacro.
Keymacro can record mouse clicks and mouse hovers.
You can modify key keys or sequences from a list.
Keymacro also allows for the recording of keyboard command sequences.
The micro-switch buttons do not record keystrokes.
Keymacro allows you to compare two files.
Keymacro can be used for programming exercises and sample code generation.
When the program is running, key sequences can be executed.
There is support for error and debug messages.
Download Keymacro.




2008-12-10 00:03:41


Keymacro was created as a Java macro to solve keyboard-based Java problems.
Keymacro can solve two types of problems.
When a problem is in the form of a Java application, it is called a Java problem.
When a problem is in the form of a simple sequence of commands to execute with the Java editor, it is called a Java problem.
Keymacro can be used to find the answer to these problems.
Keymacro can also be used as a learning tool.
Keymacro has a complex interaction with the Java editor and the built-in interpreter.
Some of the Java editor options are not available to the Java programmer.
Some of the Java editor options are available to the Java programmer.
When a Java problem or sequence of commands is in the form of a Java program, it can be solved by Java programmers.
In this case, keystrokes are recorded in the current running state of the program.
This recording will be made for all the keys and for all the sequences in Keymacro.
The Java programmer can replay these sequences from the list, as long as they do not conflict with the recorded commands.
When a problem or sequence is only a list of commands to execute, they are recorded separately.
Keymacro can also record mouse clicks and mouse hovers.
If the recorded mouse click or hover is not relevant to the problem, it is ignored.
When the record button is pressed, a dialog box will be opened.
In the dialog box 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro Server is a handy and reliable application designed to provide users with all the resources needed in order to set up a custom user interface on their Set-Top Box.
Included in the package are a variety of servers: Web, SNTP, DHCP, DNS, as well as a multicast to unicast proxy utility.
MCTV Emulator Description:
MCTV Emulator is a useful software application that helps to accelerate the development of custom user interfaces and functionalities for the MCTV application.
There is a web server in the package, and there are two applications of the same name, with one being a web server and the other a client for the web server (client based on the technology of HTTP) with the same functionality but at the same time it can be called by the web server application.

This product has been tested and is ready to use.

Notes for customers:
1. You may need to add additional software depending on your device (for example for EPG & on screen display).
2. You may need to add an additional package (SNTP, HTTP, DNS, etc).
3. It is required to have a command line shell program (i.e., TERMINAL or MSYS) to use MCTV Emulator client.
4. You may need to be logged in as root for some user-interface customization activities.
5. You may need to adapt command line parameters.

MCTV Server Pack and MCTV Emulator are designed to be used with Microsoft Windows or Microsoft DOS.

Please note:
If you have chosen to receive this product in Arabic, you may not be able to use the package in all regions/countries. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Please read the license agreement carefully before you download the product.
2. Please note that the license for MCTV Server Pack & MCTV Emulator is a non-transferrable license and you are bound to the usage of this license for the use of the product for a period of 90 days.
3. Please note that you are responsible for any software or hardware problems that you may face with the product, even when you use it within the scope of its license.
4. You must not share this license with any third party.
5. You must not use this license on more than one machine.
6. You must not