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When the 404 Strikes and What it Means

-? (Help) Displays the Easy Date Converter Help screen.
— / (Shortcut) Opens the program’s main window.
— < (Start) Launches the program.
— n (Next) Display the next page of the help file.
— v (Previous) Display the previous page of the help file.
— z (Toggle) Toggles the program between the first and the second help pages.
— * (Change) Opens the Change dialog.
— m (PreviousMonth) Selects the previous month.
— t (NextMonth) Selects the next month.
— * (CurrentMonth) Selects the current month.
— * (CurrentYear) Selects the current year.
— x (Number) Specifies the selected year.
— X (Relative) Specifies the current year as a relative position.
— * (Relative) Selects the current year as a relative position.
— * (CurrentCalendar) Opens the current calendar.
— u (NextLeap) Selects a leap year.
— r (NextOrdinal) Selects a leap year.
— f (PreviousLeap) Selects a non-leap year.
— o (PreviousOrdinal) Selects a non-leap year.
— g (Gregorian) Specifies the Gregorian calendar.
— c (Common) Specifies the Common Era calendar.
— j (Julian) Specifies the Julian calendar.
— * (ISO) Specifies the ISO-8601 calendar.
— w (Week) Displays the current week.
— W (ISO) Opens the ISO-8601 calendar.
— % (Week) Displays the next ISO-8601 week.
— % (ISO) Displays the next ISO-8601 week.
— n (ToNow) Adds the specified number of days to the current date.
— e (ToEnd) Adds the specified number of days to the specified date.
— m (Min) Minimizes the datepicker window.
— p (Max) Maximizes the datepicker window.
— t (Dec) Decreases the datepicker window.
— d (Inc) Increases the datepicker window.
— s (ToM) Changes the displayed month of the datepicker window.
— i (ToY) Changes the 384a16bd22

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Keystrokes are the most essential elements in computer use. Each of us spends millions of hours typing our thoughts, data and a few specific sequences that appear in software apps. You can imagine how powerful a keystroke script can be if you combine it with macros.
Active Text Notes is an advanced clipboard tool with this very purpose. It is not as smart as other tools in regards to identifying data from the clipboard text, but it is a good alternative if you want to automate a set of operations with a keystroke script.
Since the output text file from the clipboard of any app can be read, you can start copying all the clipboard text to the text file created by Active Text Notes. Just add some text strings to the output text file and hit the Start button.
Active Text Notes provides a simple way to generate and display a text file from the clipboard. This way, you can paste different information to the desired output text file. You can highlight it and click the Show in Desktop menu to open it, or you can drag it to the desktop.
Add basic information to the text file
For your convenience, you can also create a template, select the text strings you want to add and click the + button to add them to the active text file. You can also highlight the text in the list, right-click on it and choose “Edit in Notepad” to edit it.
Copy keystrokes with macros
Aside from just copying the text strings, you can use macros to automate a set of keystrokes that includes Copy, Paste, Delete and Save. To perform a macro, you can right-click on a specific text string and choose “Define Macro” or “Copy Macro to”.
When creating the macro, you can add several copies and deletes, but it is not possible to add “Paste” actions.
For instance, when you use a Delete action, it will remove the highlighted text, and you can even choose whether to remove the selection or not.
Auto-highlighting and Copy Functions
Active Text Notes provides several copy functions that are essential to your clipboard research. This way, you can automatically select specific regions of the clipboard text, thus enabling you to automatically copy the highlighted text or the whole line.
To do so, all you need to do is to click on the Start button. You can choose from the following functions:
• Standard Copy: Only copy the highlighted text and return to the clipboard