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KeyMACRO is an audio software utility for recording, playing, editing, compressing, manipulating and mixing files. It enables you to record an audio file, with or without a midi instrument, and then edit it using a simplified user interface.
It supports a batch mode, as well as a recording one, although the latter option is not available in the standard edition. The filter is pretty good, while the mixer lets you combine multiple audio files. Another notable aspect is the fact that a midi instrument is allowed, which means you can record your sound in MIDI format.
KeyMACRO supports recording a midi file and editing it according to your own style. A small to midi instrument is incorporated, along with a few other features, including the filter, mixer, compressor and dither.
Easy-to-use interface
The interface is pretty straightforward, and is not the prettiest you can come across. A toolbar is incorporated, as well as a few other options, which you can use to edit your files or to access additional tools.
Overall, you have access to different options, including the midi input and output, the hardware mixer, the filter, the compressor, the dither and the key detection, although you have to use the button with “Play” and “Stop” labels.
Input a midi instrument and record your sound
You can, of course, record a midi instrument with this software, along with your sound. What is more, you can use the midi input and output in combination with the filter, compressor, dither, and the key detection.
Upload and export your files to various formats
KeyMACRO allows you to export your files to.wav,.ogg,.flac and.wma formats, while.mp3,.wv and.wav can be uploaded to the program.
Professional utility
KeyMACRO is a useful program for music producers, although the results might not be spectacular. You can edit your files and then export them.
KEYMACRO has a good interface that is easy to use. The midi input and output, as well as the hardware mixer, are also incorporated into the program. You can use the software in a batch mode, while the recording mode is not available.
What is more, a midi instrument can be incorporated, as well as the compressor, filter and the dither.
In conclusion
KeyMACRO is a handy audio software utility that is able