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1-1. Introduction:
2-2. Main Features:

3-3. System Requirements:
4-4. System Setup:

5-5. Basic Features:
5-5-1. Sorting
5-5-2. Backup
5-5-3. Folder Sorting
5-5-4. Folder Backup
5-5-5. Windows Explorer Drag-and-Drop Feature
5-5-6. Options Window
5-5-7. Window Basic
5-5-8. Tools Window
5-5-9. Treeview
5-5-10. Time Remaining
5-5-11. Save
5-5-12. Import
5-5-13. Import Folder
5-5-14. Delete
5-5-15. Rename
5-5-16. Properties
5-5-17. Cut
5-5-18. Copy
5-5-19. Paste
5-5-20. Map, Coordinates, and Locality
5-5-21. Search
5-5-22. Profile Settings
5-5-23. Connectivity
5-5-24. Printing
5-5-25. General
5-5-26. About
5-5-27. Help
5-5-28. Exit

6-6. Display Settings:
6-6-1. Language
6-6-2. Style
6-6-3. Title Bar
6-6-4. Font Size
6-6-5. Tool Bar
6-6-6. Width
6-6-7. Height
6-6-8. Show Font Bars
6-6-9. Grid
6-6-10. Grid Color
6-6-11. Grid Units
6-6-12. Grid Line
6-6-13. Zoom Percentage
6-6-14. Zoom View
6-6-15. Floating
6-6-16. Show labels
6-6-17. Show size
6-6-18. Show dot
6-6-19. Show Clear
6-6-20. Panning
6-6-21. Scale
6-6-22. Icon Size
6-6-23. Text
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1) You can easily start simulations for up to 32 devices simultaneously;
2) You can save multiple simulations as seperate project files;
3) You can print each simulation;
4) You can monitor the serial data traffic with breakpoint feature;
5) You can use the print preview feature to preview the transmitted data, it will appear exactly as it is transmitted in real-time;
6) You can easily edit the data received from the simulated device;
7) You can view the data in 12 different display formats (float, double, string, hexadecimal, binary, octal, ascii, ibm, binary, hexadecimal, binary).
All the data is compatible and easily accessible to the master application.
8) The Modbus Slave supports the Modbus Open Short, Modbus Extended and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

Your Microsoft Office apps are almost ready for deployment. They’re flexible, ready to scale, and just as secure as they were when you first set them loose. But something’s holding them back: Microsoft Office’s apps have a nasty bug that causes the apps to send sensitive information across the Internet — information that can compromise your information systems.
What are these malicious apps and how can you take action to protect your information? In this ebook, Microsoft explains what to look for and how to clean up.
Topics include:
— What are malicious apps?
— How to find and identify malicious apps
— How to uninstall and delete malicious apps
— How to protect yourself from malicious apps

This informative article is designed to provide information and advice about using Microsoft Outlook. While the article discusses the basics of using Microsoft Outlook, the information is also useful for people who use multiple e-mail applications.

From the Press Release:
«AppCompat is a cross-platform application compatibility layer that empowers developers to build apps that work on both Android and iOS. It provides a simple solution to building apps that automatically scale to both Android and iOS devices.
AppCompat is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source project that consists of:
* A compat app manifest that conforms to the Android spec for Android apps.
* A common manifest that can be used by any app to test against for compatibility, and which contains all required permissions.
* A compatibility library that contains backported, open source code from the latest version of the Android platform.
* An emulator back-end that detects the type of device and comp