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«We gave them permission to enjoy having sex.» For all its ludicrousness, Cosmopolitan presented a vision of limitless sexual experimentation, no shame. When Kate White became editor in chief of Cosmopolitan in 1998, she worried that she’d quickly run out of ideas to fill the magazine’s monthly quota of blissfully sinful secrets that will blow your man’s mind. When White took the reins at Cosmo in 1998, young women had few outlets for reading about sex outside of the Starr Report. It’s not clear that anyone actually put a doughnut on a penis before Cosmo promoted the tip. I guess it’s possible that what started as an absurd idea about using doughnuts to strengthen the penis got taken up as a serious foreplay technique.» Then again: «I doubt that I originated the idea,» Tylutki says. Cistanche contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and alkaloids,and it has been known to improve penis blood circulation. Purpose: Pushing excess blood & growth factors into the chambers of the penis during arousal, it can reverse shrinkage caused by chronic masturbation and excessive pubic fat.

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How am I ever going to get that in me? Daughter is so caught up in visualizing her on the floor and then on the bed with a little leg sticking out between her legs, that she is not going to rest until she knows what happens. If you plan to have more then you will need to get a very large hutch. As Olivia Ovenden notes for Esquire, «When we do get to see sexual moments, they’re usually self-serving.» They’re usually discreet, too. You’ll see lot of images with famous porn stars. I see my grandmother crying and feel like a piece of shit. And we want her to have as good a time reading the sex tips as she’ll have enacting them.» That allows the magazine to continue to churn out sex tips on the newsstand every month while anticipating the criticism that hits when sites like Jezebel and this one get ahold of the issue. At the end of last year, Cosmo’s newsstand sales dipped, and it dropped from the top-selling women’s magazine to No. 3. Maybe women just don’t need a magazine to tell them how to have sex anymore, no matter how winkingly the subject is presented.

White may have had to reach deep into the pantry to find new sexual fodder, but once a tip entered Cosmo’s rotation, it could be repurposed indefinitely, no matter how absurd. But in the summer of 2003, White landed on a sexual accessory so unforgivably weird that it would come to exemplify the ludicrousness of Cosmo sex tips forever. Helen Gurley Brown, who ran Cosmo from 1965 to 1997, had made a «bold, gusty, irreverent magazine,» White says. But only when White took over did the magazine actually get «very candid» about just what a fun, fearless female does when she hops into bed. Since Joanna Coles took over in 2012, the magazine has jettisoned its most problematic tips-the ones «where pleasing the guy is the main priority»-while acknowledging the absurdity of the simply silly ones. And women bought the magazine, even if they didn’t really buy the tip: When White left Cosmo in 2012, she’d grown its audience by 700,000 to rival Helen Gurley Brown’s peak circulation of 3 million. «Readers would age out of the magazine, so if there was a little bit of recycling, it was reaching a fresh, new group of women,» White says-hence the doughnut tip’s impressive lifespan.