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You can activate an 80dB siren to ward off trespassers or use two-way talk to communicate with them. First, you can create activity zones over the areas you want to monitor that will tell the camera to ignore activity outside their boundaries. If they are correct, the box will release a Veto. For me, I like being able to reward the models who are giving me a good show. Night vision provided excellent illumination with good contrast. A dozen infrared LEDs deliver up to 30 feet of night vision. If you want to power the camera from an outdoor electrical outlet, that outlet must be completely weatherproof (with a bubble-type cover, not just a door covering the socket). If you want to extend your video history, you can upgrade to one of two paid subscription plans. Their parents will then take turns hunting and protecting the eaglets, Ochs said, and will stay at the nest for about three months, until they’re grown and can fly. The bald eagle is still protected by law and it is illegal to disturb or take an eagle in Florida.