Региональное агенство стратегической аналитики


Ive been thinking about it: how can I make the presentation slides clearer, but at the same time keep the speaker and participants on the same page? I have given talks on web development and WordPress at several universities and schools, and one common problem I face during the presentation is that the audience behind the crowd can barely see my slides.

Everyone seems to know about Zoom because it is easy to use and free for everyone to hold virtual meetings, digital clubs, family gatherings and even weddings.

Some people use this for their own benefit and create fake profiles on social networks for various, often questionable reasons. With such a large number of social media profiles, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish avatars from reality.

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It might be best to archive old emails because you can unzip them later if you need them. When your Gmail mail is full of emails, you can delete the oldest emails, microsoft no longer supports windows 10 version 1903 but if necessary, you will not be able to view them in the future.