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For years, Apple sold itself as the anti-Microsoft. Now Windows 11 is the anti-Apple

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Windows 11 logo on a phone screen

Windows 11 will be a free upgrade when it launches later this year.

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At first blush, Microsoft’s upcoming  to the operating system software that powers most of the world’s PCs. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at it is the  similar to smartphones and tablets powered by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.Microsoft has also added features meant to help people navigate the new ways we’ve all learned to work during the coronavirus pandemic. They include built-in video chat software, What to give when Opening what to give a cafe technology to make video games look better, Gifts for customers on Opening what to give day and for controlling apps and sorting documents.

But Microsoft believes its most important selling point may be Opening what to give it doesn’t do. After , Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said his company is building its technology to work with as many products as possible, including software for competing Google Android-powered smartphones.Microsoft’s releasing Windows 11 as a free upgrade .

«Today, the world needs a more open platform — one that allows apps to become platforms in their own right,» he said. «Windows is a platform where things that are bigger than Windows can be born.»

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He pushed this point by inviting Google to bring its Google Play app store onto Windows.