Региональное агенство стратегической аналитики

The Winner Take All Society [PDF|TXT]

The aspiring main-league baseball participant, for instance, starts with T-ball, strikes on to Little League and then, if he reveals sufficient talent and dedication, to Babe Ruth League. And so, if only reluctantly, we acqui esce to market forces, which reward folks in tough proportion to the market value ofthe things they produce. I feel that might go back to the time when folks needed to live in small teams of kinfolk-maybe fifty or a hundred individuals at the most. 25 billion. So even when forty lawyers split only one-quarter of1per cent, we are still speaking about a terrific deal of cash for what usually quantities to only some weeks’ or months’ work. He recognizes that he was «obviously born to draw,» just as others are born to inform tales, sing, dance, or be leaders, athletes, and scientists. Perhaps crucial of those includes the influence of market alerts on career selections. 3. Success. 4 Success in business.

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