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Jun 1, 2020 EY vs PWC New York. Yeah you can probably already guess. Got internship offers from both, currently trying to decide which offer to take.. 12 votes, 15 comments. Have received internship offers from both EY and PwC and am looking to get into tech consulting. EY pays more and I enjoy the. hi guys. im sitting on 2 internship offers right now — both for technology consulting. one is with EY and one with PwC. not sure what to pick if any. Hi All, I have the opportunity of currently having two offers from PwC and EY. One of which is in Assurance (PwC) the other in Advisory (EY). If. So I just got an offer to intern in tech consulting with PwC summer 2022 in NYC. Before that expires, I’ll be attending a conference with EY where I. Up until my office visit at PwC, I was set on going with EY. … FSO is EY’s strength, but if you want variety you’d be better served looking at Deloitte or PWC.. Nov 8, 2015 Hello everyone, I recently got offers from PWC as well as EY, and Deloitte’s office visit is next week, but I am 99% Deloitte they will give me an…. PwC Management Consulting vs. E&Y — Culture Considerations. Source: WSO Consulting Industry Report 2018. All of these companies have different things to…. May 22, 2019 EYs automatic promotion to senior after 2 years will look much better on a resume than PwC 3rd year associate. But PwC also feels more…. Why is the base salary not equal to the hourly rate? Does anyone know the duration of the Pwc Start Internship vs the EY Launch internship? Thanks in advance! df76b833ed
I am a graduate in business and have got offers from both PwC and EY for Operations Advisory. Which one would be better in terms of career growth?. Originally Answered: Job at a Tech Giant [Microsoft, Amazon, Google] or job at a Gig 4 [EY, PwC, Deloitte]?. What you describe sounds to some extent to the…. EY vs. PwC. I received internship offers to EY and PwC but am not sure of which firm I would fit in better with. I was just wondering what everyone’s experiences…. … each of the Big 4? What you have experienced/read for either nationally or locally? … PwC: all business and arrogant sobs and what’s this shit about three years to make senior? Deloitte: work life … EY — we like to have fun. PwC — we’re the…. Mar 9, 2020 Hey guys thinking of ditching PwC after this internship to go to EY. Mostly because of that 2year senior vs 3yr senior with CPA thing PwC does.. Congrats PwC we made the front page of reddit for all the wrong reasons! … Posting as : works at EY 1. You are … Yes, Susan, I get Diet Coke isn’t good for me but I don’t say shit when you pop Mollys or Greg chain smokes while criticizing.. r/Accounting: Primarily for accountants and aspiring accountants to learn about and discuss their career choice. Advice and questions welcome.